10 Weird Inconsistences That Infuriates Friends Fans

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The show might be long finished, and reruns have also gone through many loops, but many will always love Friends. It’s one of those shows, that for certain people, is iconic; like Seinfeld. However, a lot of people are far less appreciative of Friends for various reasons.


For some, Friends kind of created a social black hole. People who grew up with the show tried their best to imitate the characters’ lifestyles. Alongside that, is the rather excessive use of homophobic language that hasn’t aged quite so well. For all of its weird moments and gags, what most infuriates die-hard fans about Friends is the inconsistency.

No show is perfect, nor should it be expected to be. However, Friends is absolutely laden with nonsense inconsistencies that just slip through the net. Want some examples? Here are just a few examples of things that happen throughout the series with no real explanation.

Moving Around.

For one, each member of the group appears to live in a different apartment without any notice. When they do move out, you get an episode dedicated to it. When did they all move from apartments 4/5 to 19/20, exactly? I must have missed that one. The producers noticed after the first season has already begun, that given how high the apartments are, the flat numbers couldn't be 4 and 5. So they changed.

Moving Around, 2.

Also, Monica seems to have a changing view from her kitchen window. Sometimes, it’s a city skyline, other times it’s a brick wall and other times it’s another apartment.

Support Beam.

The apartments really annoy me, in case you haven’t noticed. Monica’s apartment literally seems to have a support beam at one point, then it just magically disappears. As far as I’m aware, that’s somewhat dangerous.

Marriage Mixups.

When Monica and Chandler get married, it’s supposed to be a Tuesday, but wind up getting married on a Saturday judging by their voicemail.

Meeting Times.

There’s a host of changes to when certain people met in the show, Chandler and Rachel chief among them. Sure, it’s the pilot episode, but it’s still weird how two main characters’ origin meeting is just kind of all over the place.

Overdue Children.


Ross’ ex, Carol, somehow manages to be pregnant with his son, Ben, for well over a year. We know some babies hang around longer than expected, but over three months!? Come on.

Phoebe’s Buffet.

Phoebe is one of the most inconsistent characters, which kind of fits as she was the most outrageous of the group. However, Phoebe is one of the most on/off vegetarians you will ever come across. From eating meat lasagne to then making a big fuss about her vegetarianism…it’s kind of weird.

Never Ageing.

Ross somehow manages to avoid turning 30 for about 30 years. In three seasons in a row, he’s 29 – despite there being three different festive periods and thus meaning three different years.

Sports Fans.

Chandler manages to be a sports boffin and someone who is clueless about sports at the same time. From pretending to get football, to avoid cooking to going to sports events…hmm.

Super Clean.

When Rachel and Ross get steaming drunk when they are in Las Vegas, they cover each other’ faces with permanent marker. It won’t come off. Then, they wake up, and it’s gone – like magic! The hotel staff must be VERY helpful.

Do you see what I mean when I say that Friends might be among the most maddeningly inconsistent shows around!? It’s hard to get everything right, but some of these are ludicrous.

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