2020 Tokyo Olympics- Eco-Friendly Beds for Athletes Village

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The Olympic games will open in Tokyo this year and preparations are already in place to house the thousands of attending athletes.

The general manager of Athletes Village has confirmed that to make the event more sustainable, the bed frames are to be made of recyclable cardboard. 

Takashi Kitajima is justifiably proud of the eco-friendly dorm rooms provided for the athletes attending the games. Each bed can take the weight of 440 pounds and are, he claims, stronger than a normal wooden bed. 

He does concede that athletes will be dissuaded from jumping on the beds in post-medal celebrations. Once the event closes this summer, the beds will be dismantled, taken away and recycled into other paper products. 

The event has also looked into the ecological impact of the mattresses – the thin Polyethylene mattresses will be taken away and reused for other plastics.

A Recycable Village

The Organizing Committee was keen to recycle as much as possible and the beds were one of the first ideas put forward for making the event more sustainable. When completed, Athletes Village will be able to accommodate 18,000 athletes in 21 apartment blocks.


The site is currently under construction in Tokyo Bay and the blocks themselves will also be recycled after the event for use as housing for local people. 

It is anticipated that once the Olympic Games ends, the homes will be sold with a starting price of 54 million yen ($492,000), but are expected to sell for much more than this.

Alongside the beds and mattresses, the Olympic officials in Japan have decided to make the Olympic torch from aluminum waste, and build the podiums from other recycled materials including household and marine plastics. 

The electricity used to power the event will come from renewable energy sources. The games will take place between 24th July and 9th August 2020, and will be followed between August 25th and September 6th, by the Paralympic Games.