3 Video Games to Help Educate Yourself

Today, gamification has become a popular part of education. Being able to turn a traditional learning experience into something more mechanically enjoyable can be great fun. Gamification essentially adds things like objectives and rewards, leaderboards, etc. into the traditional education platform. Apps like Duolingo have taken this to a new level, but video games are also a great source of gamification-powered education. What, though, are some of the best?

Rosetta Stone/Duolingo

As mentioned above, Duolingo – or Rosetta Stone – offers top-class language learning suites in a gamified mode. This comes with interactive games that make it easier to learn languages. With Duolingo covering more languages but having fewer features, it just depends on what language you actually intend to learn!

Generally, though, these two language apps are seen as two of the finest examples of what can be done with a gamified approach to learning. Many children, and adults, use these games to help improve their second language capabilities.


A great mind puzzle for all ages, Sudoku is the perfect puzzle game to keep the brain busy. You fill in all of the blank squares in a grid. Each blank square is filled in with a number so that each of the columns in each row in a 3x3 setup containers the numbers 1 to 9. This forces you to work on problem-solving skills and encourages those taking part to be more proactive in their puzzle solving.

For those who want a bit more fun added to their problem-solving, this famous Japanese game is one of the best places to start.

Math Blaster

Numbers are not for everyone, but they make common allies in gamification. This particular video game is ideal for anyone, adult or child, who needs work with their arithmetic. This will see you get lots of opportunities to solve maths problems of varying complexity. The gamification approach is built around the idea that you are getting rid of aliens by completing the puzzles. You will have a fun and engaging time with this puzzle, learning maths equations and solving complex maths puzzles as you go through each stage.