3D Printed Homes are Now a Thing and Could Change Lives

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When 3D printing first came on the scene, the response was mixed. Some saw it as the next step in making construction and engineering ten times easier. Others have seen it as an easy way to make all kinds of horrific weapons and other means to hurt our planet.

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However, for those who can’t afford a house, the idea of having a 3D printed house might not be such a bad idea, yes?

Indeed, this is quite literally happening right now. Head on over to the Tabasco state in Mexico, and you can find families living on as little as $3/day. They mostly live in homes they have built themselves; small shacks made from wood and metal. 

Now, though, 3D printed neighborhoods are being built all over the place.

Two homes in a 50-home neighborhood are already completed, and the aim is to get the rest of them ready by the end of 2020. It’s being managed by ECHALE, a Mexican non-profit with a heart as big as its ambitions. 

They are helping families who have been left victims of natural disasters and moving them into these new homes.

They are working alongside ICON and New Story, two tremendous companies that are doing so much to help provide shelter for families. Indeed, it’s ICON who came up with the first 3D-printed household.

One resident, Alan, was asked what he thought of the idea. He said: 

“The thing I am most excited about my new house is having my own room where I can read. Where I live now, we can’t read much, because–when our parents bought us books, they would always get wet because of rain coming in through the roof. I am excited to read in my new home.”

By using the 33ft Vulcan II printer, they are able to print out concrete mixes to make the 500 square foot properties come to life. Printing two homes at once, they can complete the two homes in just 24 hours. With the drying time needed per layer, though, the process can take several days.

New Story is working with some of the families too to try and get an ownership deal put in place. it’s a tremendous thing, and hopefully the start of a brighter and happier future for not only the people of Tabasco, but people all over the world who need this added support. 

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