4 Facts About Leonardo Da Vinci You Never Knew

Everybody knows Leonardo da Vinci as the man artist behind the Mona Lisa. But not many people know about the other aspects of his fascinating life as an inventor, scientist, architect, and mathematician.

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The origin of his name

Contrary to what you might think, da Vinci was not his last name. His full name was Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. The name can be broken down as such: Leonardo was his first name, obviously. His father was named Piero, and he came from a place called Vinci. Therefore his full name translates to “Leonardo, the son of Mr. Piero of Vinci”.

He was known as a sharp kid

Leonardo’s intelligence was evident early on. He would read any book he could get his hands on, played instruments, and mastered math so well his tutors were often left speechless. He pursued art as a hobby until the age of 14. That is when his father showed some of his works to Andrea del Verrocchio, one of the greatest artists in Florence at the time. Impressed with little Leonardo’s work, Verrocchio hired him to work at his workshop. Da Vinci’s progress was so quick and of such quality, it made Verrocchio bitter. In fact, legend has it that Verrocchio stopped painting altogether when he realized Leonardo was better than him!

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He never stopped writing

Da Vinci did a lot of research over the years. He documented different studies in papers and notebooks, some of which are displayed in museums until this day. In fact, the total number of pages in da Vinci’s handwriting we know of is more than 7,000! A big collection (the biggest in the world) of his original notebooks can be found in Paris.

His burial site is unknown

Da Vinci passed away in France at the age of 67 after having a fruitful career that impacted many. The church he was buried in was sadly ruined in 1789, which means the current location of his body is still a mystery.