4 Female Scientist Who Changed The World Forever

When we think about famous scientists, the first names that come to mind are Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Galileo Galilei. But what about women who have made groundbreaking discoveries? For some reason, they are not talked about as often, even though they have also helped to change and shape the world. Here are a few who helped make the world what it is today.

Photo: ThisisEngineering RAEng/Unsplash

Marie Curie

One of the most famous female scientists is physicist and chemist Marie Curie. She lived from 1867 to 1934. Curie discovered radioactivity and invented a mobile X-ray unit that was used during World War I. She was the first woman ever to win the Nobel prize. She first won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1903. She later won in chemistry, making her one of the very few people who won two.

Janaki Ammal

This Anglo – Indian Botanist lived from 1897 to 1984 and died in India at the age of 86. Janaki Ammal was India’s first female botanist, she developed various hybrid species that are still grown today. “Magnolia Kobus Janaki Ammal” is a flower she created and was named after her by the U.K government.

Photo: Eisenhut

Ada Lovelace

Lovelace lived between 1815 and 1852. She conducted her research using a mechanical computer created by Charles Babbage. She was the first person to understand that this machine can be used for a lot more than just calculations. Ada created the first algorithm that could be used by the machine, making her, in the eyes of many, the first computer programmer in the world.

Gladys West

If you enjoy using the GPS option on your phone to avoid getting lost – you should thank mathematician Gladys West. As a result of her work in developing mathematical models of the shape of the Earth, GPS technology was developed. She was hired to work for the Naval Surface Warfare Center in 1956. She was the second-ever black woman to work there. In 2018, Gladys was inducted into the Air Force Hall of Fame.