4 Key Moments from the 1990s that Matter to this Day

The 1990s was a crazy time. It was the time when things like personal computers and the internet really exploded. Few decades have had quite as big an impact on the years that come after as the 1990s. Without the innovations of the 90s, the world might be a different place. Some may argue that is a positive, but what are some of the '90's most important, defining moments?

The rise of the internet

As mentioned above, the 90s was when the internet stopped being an idea and became a reality. We saw the rise of technology in many ways, but the ability to connect to the internet on a home PC and communicate with the wider world was an incredible novelty. It changed the way we work, communicate, interact, and even shop. The rise of the internet in the 1990s was a game-changer for the entire developed world.

The introduction of mainstream gaming

Love it or hate it, video gaming is a massive part of the entertainment industry today. And while the Nintendo gaming systems of the late 1980s were seminal, the 1990s saw us move from the likes of the Sega Genesis to the Sony PlayStation. Everything changed in a short period, moving from generic 2D games to 3D adventures in worlds that felt authentic. This paved the way for mainstream gaming as a medium.

The rise of social consciousness

In the 1990s, we saw a lot more come from the music industry about social commentary and standing up for others. Hip-hop music and rap in particular were hotbeds for such social commentary. This led to a generation growing up listening to music that was about society's ills and relatable issues going on in the world today as opposed to fluffy music about love back to a cheesy synth beat.

The naturalism of TV

TV was always a major part of life since it was first developed, but it was the rise of the 1990s digital content that changed this. Satellite and cable TV became mainstream, and people were enjoying being able to watch sports, TV shows, and more all from the comfort of their homes. This helped to bake in things like sitcoms, cartoon shows, and more in a way that would never have seemed possible even five to ten years beforehand.