4 Natural wonders You Should See in Person

Our world is at its heart a unique and special place. If you spend time around nature, you realize just how beautiful the planet is. Seeing with your eyes as opposed to through a screen, though, can be great for the body and mind. It helps us to appreciate the size of our world, its inherent beauty, and even our place within that world. To help you make the most of that experience, then, here are some natural wonders your eyes will thank you for coming to visit.

Photo: Evan Brockett/Unsplash

Whale Bone Alley, Siberia

If you fancy a trip to the coldest parts of the world, book a trip to Siberia and see the Whale Bone Valley. Based around 80km off the Alaskan coast, this is essentially a cemetery for old whales. The bones of massive whales adorn the whole area. It is a touch macabre and eerie, but it is a natural wonder all the time. We have no idea why this exists, but we simply know that it does.

Red Beach, Panjin

If you choose to visit China, make some time to visit the stunning Red Beach. This is an entirely red beach – the seaweed that is within the water means that, during autumn, the water looks red. It is not red, of course, but it is simply a byproduct of the seaweed. It looks amazing, though, and you can take a wooden bridge that lets you see the whole thing up-close and personal. 

Photo: Zahid Lilani/Unsplash

Lake Hillier, Australia

Heading Down Under, you will find the stunning Lake Hillier. This is a unique entity in our world and was found in the Western Australian Recherche Archipelago. The gorgeous pinkish hue that exists here is something that will immediately capture the attention of your eyes. This is caused by a particular form of algae paired with high salt levels, creating an almost uniquely pink-looking waterscape.

Glass Beach, California

The Glass Beach is a unique experience if you are someone who loves spending time down by the beach. This natural wonder is truly special, and it is the product of mass garbage disposal that took place back in the day. The sea broke down most of this garbage, and the result is a stunning and chromatic beach that has pebbles and sand that looks like a collection of jelly babies in front of you.