4 Of The Most Popular Attractions In Europe

If you are looking to travel across Europe, part of the challenge stems from choosing the right attractions. Europe is a massive place, and there are attractions to suit every personality and lifestyle. Some attractions, though, come with a higher reputation than others. With that in mind, what are some of the most popular attractions for you to go and visit across the Old Continent? What stands out the most?

The Colosseum

What list of European attractions would be complete without mentioning the Colosseum!?

This epic attraction is among the most popular in the world and was once the hosting place of some of the most exciting – and, it has to be said, cruel – entertainment of the era. Today it stands as a symbol of the power that Rome once held over the world, and as a monument to the grandeur and history of this most stunning of cities.

The Eiffel Tower

Another hugely popular place to visit, the Eiffel Tower is an exceptional place to come and visit. It feels quite surreal to stand at the viewing point, as it is among the tallest structures in an already pretty tall city. Standing at around 300m in height, the Eiffel Tower is a monument to a different era and something that stands out as a place you want to visit. If nothing else, you can tick it off your bucket list!

The Alps

While not a manmade destination, The Alps are regarded as among the most famous attractions in the world. And it is easy to see why, too; it is a truly special location. The views are incredible, and it can be as enjoyable to come here skiing in the winter as it is to come cycling in the summer. It is a great all-year-round destination, though you should naturally come prepared for the weather that isn’t always hospitable.

The Mediterranean

Another natural destination is the beaches that surround the Mediterranean Sea. You have many locations to drop in and check out across Europe if you want that classic Mediterranean experience. The beaches of Europe are special, and some countries provide you with a real treasure trove of places to stop off and relax. If you are someone who loves beaches, you do not have to go to a tropical paradise to find a good beach – not when you can check out the beaches of Europe, but instead!