4 Small Creatures That Pack a Powerful Punch

The world around us is filled with fantastic creatures. Most of the time, though, we assume that size does the talking. When you see a grizzly bear towering over you, run – if you can run fast enough. When you see a cutesy little creature in the woods, though, you want to feed it things. Ironically, though, it is often the big ones that we can avoid and the little ones we should not go near.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few examples of pint-sized predators that could shred you easily.

The mosquito

We should all know by now that mosquitos are not to be messed with. They are powerful, strong, fast, and more than capable of taking a bit of your blood. Given the number of infections and illnesses they can carry, too, you can end up with a nightmare concoction of illnesses and problems due to being bitten by a mosquito.

Tsetse fly

Most of us assume flies are horrible but harmless, but these African bloodsuckers are from very different backgrounds. They might only be an inch in size, but they can pierce your skin and feed on your blood for a long time. They also are parasite-laden animals that can cause you to have poor sleep, including sleeping sickness, which could be fatal if not treated – it could even inflame your heart, which has the potential to be fatal in the wrong circumstance. 

The golden frog

These golden frogs look cool, but their poison is among the most powerful in the world. The secretions on their skin are so dangerous that they are genuinely not to be touched. One frog alone contains enough toxins and poison to kill ten adults. If you see a little frog like this, do not hang around – they could kill you without even really having to do anything, such is the power of their venom.

The Slow Loris

Lastly, the slow loris might look cute but they are extremely dangerous. They can fit in your palm and look perpetually tired, so they are the ideal ‘awww!’ animal. However, they allow a toxin to build up near their elbows and they lick these elbows. This means that if one bites you, you could be getting this vicious toxin into your system. It can be extremely dangerous, and even fatal in some cases. All from this cute little critter!