4 Tips to Keep Exercising During the Holidays

In need of a little push to exercise during the holidays? Here are 4 easy tips to keep moving!


Of course, it's great to enjoy the warmth indoors in December, but a brisk morning or evening walk will certainly do you good. You can choose to go outside first thing in the morning before everyone is awake. Listen to a nice podcast or sing along to your favorite Christmas hits during your walk. Not a morning person? Then it might be an idea to take another refreshing walk in the evening with your partner or a friend, enjoying all the cozy Christmas lights.

Social engagements

Often your December month is packed with social engagements. Lunch with a friend, followed by a cozy dinner with colleagues on the same day. Instead of taking the car, you could suggest walking to your eatery with that friend or colleague. This way you will make sure you take just a few more steps in a day.

Christmas shopping

For the holidays, you probably want to get a lot of presents. Maybe Christmas shopping is not your favorite activity, but if you have to do it any way you might as well turn it into a cardio session. As you run from one store to the next, you'll also work on your fitness.


A busy gym, where your favorite machines are often occupied, does not motivate you. Often, December is the month when visiting the gym, is a little less of a priority for many people. After all, everyone is busy with all the Christmas preparations and/or prefers to spend more time at home. Use this to your advantage. After all, this allows you to do your workout in peace.