5 Fun Facts about Tesla Electric Vehicles

Tesla has been synonymous with visionary cars with futuristic technology. Electric car enthusiasts worldwide are now waiting for Tesla’s upcoming EV series models. CEO Elon Musk has transformed the electric vehicle market with his futuristic vision and forward-thinking ideas. Here are a few fun facts related to the Tesla car features.

Open Source Patents

With a mission “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”, Tesla has taken a unique step by removing all of its patent rights and opening them to the public. This will enable other companies to use Tesla’s design and features in their productions. Elon Musk considers this policy a necessary step toward the advancement of electric vehicle technology.

Record of Safest Car

Tesla cars have repetitively proven to be among the safest vehicles on road. Tesla Model S and Model X have already held National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) records of respectively having the lowest and second-lowest injury probabilities. Model 3 currently holds the record for the safest car ever built, with six IIHS crash test passes and the Insurance Institute of Highway 2019 Top Safety Pick+ award.

Largest Dashboard Screen

Tesla electric cars feature the largest control and infotainment screens built to date. Making physical dials behind the steering wheels promptly outdated, the Tesla dashboard screens make for the entire dashboard console and control unit.

Protection from Bio-Warfare

Tesla has always taken the word ‘futuristic’ very seriously! The Tesla Model X has a pre-installed self-protective mechanism for keeping the vehicle and riding passengers safe against any bio-warfare condition. The Model S also has a similar feature, which helps keep the vehicle filtered from all airborne viruses, allergens, and bacteria.

‘Green’ Vehicle

Tesla has made the utopia of ‘green vehicle’ a feasible reality. With their hi-standard HEPA filtration system, Tesla models maintain healthy air quality by regularly purifying the air inside the car. The pre-installed system also proficiently bars the outside polluted air from entering the cabin, even though ducts and other non-detectable ways.