5 Helpful Tips To Fight That Post Vacation Blues

Coming back home from vacation is always a bit of a struggle. Unloading your stuff, dealing with the piles of laundry that you've brought back home, and not to mention catching up on all those unread emails. If you need some assistance with the transition from vacation bliss to the daily grind, try these smart, sanity-saving techniques.

Photo: Chen Mizrach/Unsplash

Do Prep Work

Before your long-anticipated trip, tidy your home. Sort out the trash, ready the beds, sweep or vacuum the floors and do the laundry. Returning to a clean and organized home after a long exhausting journey can help your mood drastically. It already creates a nicer situation to return to.

Back to Work

Try to set your return trip for a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday so your first week back at work will be short and sweet. You will only have to endure a few days at the office and then you will already find yourself enjoying a whole weekend to recharge.

Recovery Day

If you can, reserve a day for rest and catch up on other responsibilities, suggests Sociologist, Christine Carter, Ph.D., and author of The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work. “It’s a luxury to be able to check email without being under the pressure of everyone expecting a response.”

Photo: Sincerely Media/Unsplash

Plan Your Next Vacation

Try to schedule another vacation sometime in the next 6 months. This can help with post-vacation blues. There is nothing like anticipating your next fun trip!

The Vacation Photos

“Having a neat, orderly collection of all the moments you want to remember lets you revisit them anytime you need a boost, so you can feel those same positive emotions you felt then,” says Dr. Carter.