5 Of The Weirdest Sports From Around The Globe

From cheese rolling to cockroach racing, here are some of the weirdest sports out there!

Photo: BBC

Pea Shooting Championships

Every year, dozens of people come together in the English village of Witcham to take part in the Pea Shooting Championships. Contestants stand 12ft away from a target and shoot pea beans as strongly and precisely as they can. The winner gets crowned Pea Shooting Champion.

Pancake Races

There are actually several towns and villages in the U.K. that hold annual pancake races, but the most famous race takes place at Olney in Buckinghamshire. Participants are given a pan and a pancake and must run down the street as fast as possible while flipping their pancakes, without dropping them. 

Cockroach Races

Every year, on January 26, the cockroach racing competition is held at the Story Bridge Hotel in Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia on the occasion of Australia Day. A bucket of cockroaches is emptied in the middle of a large ring and the first to reach the edge of the ring wins.

Photo: Erik Karits/Unsplash

Apple & Salmon Racing

In the Tasmanian town of Huonville, you might catch a glimpse of the locals tossing numbered fish and apples into the river, watching with glee as the current carries their goods downstream to the finish line. The event is organized by the Rotary Club of Huon Valley and is held annually to raise local initiatives funds. And don't worry, the salmon are fake.

Cheese Rolling

Hundreds of people gather in Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, U.K., every year, in an attempt to catch a massive 9lb wheel of Double Gloucester cheese as it rolls down the hill. Whoever manages to reach the bottom first, or catches up to the cheese, wins the ultimate cheesy prize.