6 Tips for Making the Most When Stuck in Traffic

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Ever find yourself stuck in traffic, tapping your fingers away on the heat of the steering wheel to pass the time?

Do you find your brow furrowing more with every passing second? One eye on the clock and another on the traffic lights?

How often do you find yourself contorting with barely-contained fury when your phone buzzes? You already said you were in traffic; why do they need to ask again!?

Welcome to the world of big city traffic jams. Not only do they make it hard for even the most punctual person to run their life on time, they make it a challenge to enjoy any kind of experience in the car. Not only are you enjoying a wonderful waste of gas, you need to delay every plan that was set in motion due to the delays.

Thankfully, you don’t need to just sit there and think about how great it could be if you could fly. In a bid to help you make those traffic jams a touch less rage-inducing, we’ve got a few ideas. The next time you find yourself wanting to walk to work in future, try these.


The first piece of advice that we have for you is to have a nice, plain old sing. The worst thing that you can do is put on the radio. You’ll remind that music, like most forms of art, has gone down the tubes. The same diatribe comes on with alarming regularity, and it will only make the strain of sitting in traffic that much worse. If you never bought a phone with enough charge to play the music that you do like, sing your own music. Just watch those high notes; sitting in traffic without windows might suck.

Talk Yourself Around.

So you now have X amount of minutes to have a nice little thinktank with yourself. Now, I know that can sound terrible. Most of us spend traffic jams in a mood, so your thoughts are likely to be more negative. Instead, use that anger and turn it into an energy for a purpose and sense of good. Got your eye on that cigarette deck/e-cig and want to take a puff to ‘calm down’ even though you want to stop? Now is the time to convince yourself to make a change. You might as well benefit in some capacity from this trap; use traffic time to look at how you can improve yourself, and you might come out the other side feeling productive instead of pensive.

Read/Listen to Something Worthwhile.

Instead of reading Twitter 85 times or gasping at the latest transfer rumor about your team, read something worthwhile. If you can’t read on your screen/don’t want to take your eyes off the road (advised), get an audiobook. Then you can make the most of that audio capacity on your hardware. Make it something actually worthwhile. You keep putting off that HP Lovecraft audiobook… why not listen to that instead of yet another radio show?

Prepare for Work.

We’ve all been there. Get the rear view that little mirror down. Make sure your teeth look good, and ensure you’ve got some mouthwash to help make certain you won’t upset anyone’ nostril when you get to work. Sort out the tie, and the hair, and everything else you can fix, clean and correct without being accused of being a pervert in the middle of a traffic jam.

Clean it Out.

You’ve got nothing else to do – why not give your car a bit of a clear? Admit it, it’s a bit of a sty. If you are in total gridlock and cannot move, get an empty bag and start filling that bag with whatever is lying around. Organize all of the stuff in your glove compartment. Put that scarf up that’s lying under about 804 newspapers. Simple stuff, but it’s more productive than just gritting your teeth until you get moving again.

Ask Him/Her Out. The last one is the one that you were hoping we’d bring up, and we are giving you permission. Go for it. Pick up the phone and send that certain him or her a message. Ask them out, you’ve been on the brink of doing it for weeks. Wait for any longer, and they’ll presume you aren’t interested. You’ve got a good rapport, and if he/she responds it’ll leave you in a wonderful mood for the rest of the day. That traffic jam will stop being so frustrating. Yeah, they might say no and make it worse…but you’re losing concentration anyway thinking about them, so come on – DO IT!

Act on one of these (definitely the last one, Romeo/Juliet) and make sure that you don’t keep dreading the morning/evening/whenever traffic jam quite so much in the future

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