A Crazy Robot Dance Party Was Held By Boston Dynamics – You Will Be Stunned

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On Dec 29 2020 Boston Dynamics threw a robot dance party and you will not believe their awesome moves! . Boston Dynamics’ amazing Atlas robot is really getting down with “Do You Love Me” by The Contours along with another Atlas and sidekick Spot, the robot dog. Eventually, a Handle robot helped to create the most unbelievable dance party ever! Watching this video will blow your mind! The technology is incredible!

As you can clearly see, the dance moves are so life-like and so impressive some viewers cannot believe their eyes. Boston Dynamics has advanced so much in robotics that any thoughts that this is all special effects are way off base.

On top of dancing, Atlas has so many other movements that push the limits of the body’s incredible moves. Atlas has been created to mimic human balance and agility! From the beginning, Atlas could barely walk, now it can jump, carry objects, and so much more!

Viewers from everywhere are applauding and cheering Atlas, Spot, and their friends. They couldn’t have come on the scene soon enough, they are uplifting everyone’s spirits around the world. Outside of this fun New Year’s celebration, robotics have shown they have come a really long way from just a few years back.

These guys give a whole new meaning to “Foot Loose” and Kick Off Your Shoes!

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