Twilight Zone: The Wackiest Photos Ever Taken At Airports

Most travelers probably see airports as some of the blandest public spaces out there, a mere stop on the way to the real destination. But frequent fliers know the truth! Bad body odor, bomb threats, and barefoot 3 am naps are just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more regularly occurs in these weird and wonderful spaces!

Make sure to have your passport ready and find out just how wild n' wacky airports can be!

Positively Shawshank

There’s nothing that says love like a well-planned, hand-crafted welcome home sign. But this bright red message just might be a little TMI for the recipient, right out in public view. Fellow travelers agreed: Yikes!

After a trip to Rotterdam, this dad decided to get his kids involved in one hilarious prank aimed to embarrass their mother. And it's likely that it worked. Unless mom shares their dark humor, she's going to be pretty irate when she arrives with jetlag and plane hair. Maybe the family got a few reaction shots to remember the magic!

Stairway to Heaven

Another day. another bizarre situation at an airport. Unless there are invisible airplanes, these travelers seem to be very lost!

Perhaps this is one of those rare occasions when being first in line is probably not the best idea. Where are they hoping to go, at this point? Were they instructed to stand on the ladder, by the worst staff of all time? One more step and the fall won’t be pleasant, or safe. So many questions, and not an answer in the sky!

We’ve Got Company

Why, what's this here? A small private plane with a polar bear exiting the cabin? Yes, that seems to be the case. So causal and so normal, too. A sight that would only ever be possible in Alaska! Frequent fliers say the Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport is used to doubling as a zoo!

If that seems alarming, just wait: It’s not only polar bears that make appearances at this stop. Locals have spotted roaming oxen, caribou, and even seals. At least once a week, human travelers have wild company!

Relax, Don't Do It

Taking power naps at airports is essential, especially if its before those dreaded flights with multiple connections. This gal knew what lay ahead, and she decided to lie right down. Right here, right now.

For travelers in dire need of a nap, the floor may start to look like a welcoming place. It's shiny, it seems cleans despite all the germy foot traffic, and there is no barrier to entry. But be careful: This dreamy situation could easily end by missing the dream destination in real life!

Mommy’s Last Trip Alone

The truth is. not everyone is cut out to be Martha Stewert. A lot of fathers struggle to keep order when their wives are away! Luckily, some have the good humor to make light of it. Like this guy, for example. Dad helped his boys make a sign welcoming their mommy back. Back to chaos, of course!

Behold, the underwear problem! No one has a clean pair, so no one is wearing them at the airport. A quick load of laundry could have done the trick. But here, the whites and colors, the detergent, and the fabric softener proved to be too much. Amateurs, stay away!

A Sign Of The Times 

Dad bods are totally in these days. And they can't achieve that special physique by doing anything, can they? Enter: The dad suitcase. Multi-functioning, complete with a child.

Just look at that form! Confident, with the posture of a man who knows at least one screaming child is going where they definitely don't want to. Some might see this as a desperate effort to move his daughter, but others see all the gains. It's character test for the weak of heart and mind, and few will pass with flying miles!

A Hideous Hello

So very precious, indeed. This 13-meter robotic sculpture currently haunts the Wellington Airport. It's Gollum, miserable as always!

Just like in the books, fans. One fish to rule them all, one fish to find them, one fish to bring them all, and in the cafeteria bind them. New Zealand airport eats have never been so creepy! Strangely, just one guy in a green hoodie seems to notice the frightening scenery. What is everyone else's excuse?

Lady Glam Glam

The notorious Lady Gaga makes a statement wherever she goes. Mama Monster is a regular traveler, and she dresses to impress on every occasion. And today, that occasion is the airport: Alert the papa-paparazzi!

Perhaps they're already sitting outside. With an iconic look just to exit the airport, she still has that poker face. Was she just born that way? Tough to say, but most people look pretty frazzled in the same situation. Jet lag, lost bag, it's usually not this glam!

Abreast of the Situation

Complying with the law is essential at airports. Modern times require modern metal detectors, but some folks out there have unusual situations!

Rumor has it that breast implants can trigger the alarm. But is that really true? Doctors say that silicone will show up on an X-ray, for sure. But unless they're made of steel, they won't disturb the metal detector. Ladies, rest easy: The TSA is not supposed to be boob hunting!

Under where?

The TSA is no fun to deal with before a stressful flight. But what about the workers? This man is learning the hard way who wears boxers, briefs, or nothing at all! It's an occupational hazard, to say the least.

Hopefully, most customers do not require this level of screening. It's rather up close and personal, isn't it? The burnout's got to be pretty quick in such a hands on job. Today, this professional agent still seems to be tolerating things. But one look proves that the struggle is real!

They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab

Airport passengers might read this as a tasteless prank on an old lady. Is it, though? Upon close inspection, the kids look totally sincere!

Could it be a sobering moment for an elderly alcoholic, instead? It might read that way, sure. But it's equally possible, if not more likely, that grandma is actually returning from rehabilitation surgery. There's bound to be at least a few traveler double takes for that double meaning, right there!

Darth Vader Arrives

Darth Vader made his way to arrivals, right to his faithful stormtroopers. They were more than pleased to see their leader arrive, and greeted him with enthusiasm. They even have a cute little sign! But realistically, this passenger must have been pretty freaky for those traveling on board.

Truthfully, no one really knows how the dark lord of Star Wars would behave on an airplane. It's not his usual mode of transportation, given all the high tech. But with an obvious history of world domination, murder, and space mischief, few want to find out in first-class!

Engine Control

If there is one rule of airplane safety, it might just be to keep the engine clear. Birds flying inside have caused major damage in the past, and they're tiny obstacles. Explosions have happened! Today, the position of this crate just can't be right. What is it even doing here, propped like that?

It's a pretty sloppy job, to say the least. The only saving grace may be the clunky size of the object. It's simply too big to be missed! Surely someone will cart it away before takeoff, right?

Headed Out

Admit it, baggage claim is always the most exciting part of the airport process. Passengers never really know what weird or wonderful artifacts may make their way down the tube. And it can be shocking, if luck strikes!

Today is that day, at least at this baggage claim conveyor. A huge Easter Island head is just not the usual souvenir. Did someone steal this, by chance? There's no way local authorities agreed to sell it. Security, catch that thief!

Your Majesty Arrives

This traveler may simply be a music fan. Or, he may own a junkyard somewhere. Either way, he is about to confront airport staff, and they rarely treat anyone like royalty.

If sire is merely the winner of a heavy metal competition, it won't affect the scanners. But these days, it's hard to tell what strange piercings and body modifications travelers have lurking under their tees. Security will find out soon: There's only one way on to that plane!

The Bold and the Bottled

The corona pandemic really led to a lot of new, strange sights  at airports around the world. With mask requirements and shaky science rumors, some contraptions were pretty Twitter-worthy. Exhibit A!

At the Hong Kong MTR, one family is seen strolling through the halls with a virus innovation never formally recommended by anyone. Giant plastic bottles cover their heads, and it doesn't look like they were designed for comfort! These extreme measures may seem odd. But still, better than nothing?

Crocodile Dun Don't

International travel requires all kinds of paperwork. Customs really wants to know exactly what's being brought in. Got any wild animals, or strange substances? Beware, always declare!

One clever airport decided to get the attention of travelers before they commit a crime. A tail, very thoughtful! Did it work as a warning before they said later, alligator? Hard to measure what didn't happen, but it's safe to say that people noticed the peculiar, scaly bag. Truly, how could they not?

Be-Gloved Boy

Why, who's this? A handsome man spotted by modeling agents? No, it's an already famous fellow. The very recognizable Ryan Gosling is trying to casually comply with the TSA. He thinks he will make it through the travel portal, unnoticed. But how wrong he is!

Paparazzi deserve a little bit more credit than that, don't they? The sunglasses and gloves are a nice touch, but they offer little in the way of a disguise. If Ryan wants privacy in public, he's going to need to try a bit harder than suede!

Ignorance Is Bliss

These guys are clearly unaware of the hilarious site people are seeing, talk about the perfect placement!

Little does he know that it looks like he’s rocking a feather bow and bikini bottoms with that black hat?

Poor Parking Issues

They big, and they're bold: Unlike cars, bikes, and scooters, planes need a special place to dock. The tarmac has its rules to deal with air traffic. But for whatever reason, it seems pretty packed out here today. One plane is bumping the other, without it consent. Wing on nose, tail on body — what a mess!

It's hard to say exactly what occurred, but this can't be good practice. Is it a prank, or a message? Maybe the pilot missed the parking memo. Or maybe, he's on strike!

Sleepy, Dreamy, Famous

It turns out that Nicholas Cage is quite willing to travel with the little people. This woman is pretty energetic upon discovering her seat buddy. What about Nick, though?

Legend says a new Cage meme is created with every photo. And this seemingly mundane event is no different. The actor looks groggy and worn down, but still pretty friendly. He only half realizes he's about to be on the internet, yet again. Maybe that's why he's cooperating!

Vinyasa Voyage

Yoga is a major trend in today’s day and age. It's easy to spot anywhere and everywhere, and airports are no exception. Only expert yogis will be able to name this pose, though!

Could it be airline doggy squat? Downward boarding dog? Experts don't agree. Maybe it's a new pose, entirely! Travelers all cope with the process in different ways, after all. Xanax and bloody Marys are popular. Raging at the TSA is also pretty trendy. But airport yoga? Underrated!

Brace For Impact

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Not only is this woman keeping an extra close eye on her belongings, but she is also getting low-quality shut-eye!

No one would call the luggage companies an innovative industry. Travel bags, frankly, have been the same since the introduction of the wheel. Maybe this sleeper is on to something? It's time to trademark this gimmick, before it becomes an extra standard feature!

Cool as Christmas

Designer Calvin Klein once explained: ''Fashion is about change. It’s fun to keep changing and to change the silhouettes, to change the fabrics and to change the color.'' Was that the advice this chap had in mind? Something clearly inspired him to chose this funky number!

A passion for fashion this is not, but that's okay. Not every holiday has to be chic. Fun is still not a crime! Nothing says “Merry Christmas” louder than a red Christmas-themed suit, complete with x-mas trees. What #FAM wouldn't love it?

Paper Or Plastic?

Pictures of people wearing crazy face masks made from God knows what has been appearing everywhere online. Social media has quite the collection, it seems! This family has made it to the hall of fame, surely. What a strategy, right?

A close look reveals that man, woman, and child are covered in giant bags, plastic to be safe. Is it 100% safe? No. Is it 100% creative? For sure! Bon voyage, brave family.

Surfing Through

There is always that small voice inside of us daring us to get up on that carousel and become one with the luggage (or is that just me?).

Anyways, it seems like this woman listened and looks to be surfing her way into one hell of a vacation, or is she the crouching tiger?

Vroom Away The Virus

With warnings about coughs and germ clouds, some clever air travelers decided to use what they had. This man already owns a motorcycle helmet, so why not try it out?

Eye protection? Check. Plus, there is a built-in sneeze guard on this thing. Sort of? Maybe it will protect other people in the aisle. Or maybe, it just looks badass. Either way, it's a start! Be well, motorcycle man.

Giggling Goofy

The chaos of the airport can never be overstated. But some choose to make things crazier than they need to be! These passengers cannot seem to figure out the inclined moving walkway. It's really not rocket science, is it?

Well, despite missing the point of easy transportation on foot, these travelers look like they’re having a blast in some kind of bicycle formation. Girl on top, girl in front, guy underneath, voila! It's functional, at least for them. As they say, different strokes for different folks?

Aye Aye Captain!

I think having a dog on board should be a rule.

I mean can you imagine anyone on this plane having a bad time with this cute furry guy waltzing around posing as the pilot!

Double Take

When traveling, or even going down the street, you better check how you look before you leave the house. And look all around, not only how you look face to face.

Made you look... :-)

This woman made people all around the airport look twice... "wait, is she... oh my. No, wait, it's her bag!" was the most spoken sentence in every language in that airport on that day. Oh, btw, it's her travel pillow.

No Trunk, No Problem

It's a fact: Crazy people make crazy plans. Perhaps these two were late to boarding, but is this really wise? Audience poll: No, no it's not.

There's no way the luggage warranty is going to cover this one, folks! No possibility, in fact. Even if they didn’t have a car to carry that suitcase, there was no way they were going to wait for the next flight. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way! A highway, in this case.

Pass the Wasabi

Usually, travelers are starving after a flight. And this mysterious phenomenon seems to happen each and every time. Could it be that the plane food is not all that mouth watering? Odds are, absolutely.

Admittedly, airlines have work to do in that area. Could this be an attempt? Standing at the baggage carousel, one might think they are seeing a culinary mirage. But no! These sushi-themed suitcases are really happening. Is this just how Japanese travelers roll, these days? More information, demanded!

Superstar Solutions

Korean Boy band BTS definitely travels a lot. It seems pretty risky to fly right now, though. How have they dealt with the stress?

By making fans laugh, of course! BTS is no stranger to costumes at the airport, but these were special. Masked up for safety, and flowered up for chuckles, this one quickly went viral. Not in a corona way, in a social media phenomenon way! Language can be a real challenge at times like these. Be safe, BTS babes!

Kimmy K Back At It

Kimmy K, much like Lady Gaga, is always on her a-game doesn’t matter if it's on a red carpet or airport security.

The reality star and mogul managed to rock her track pants and a fancy top and even strike a pose for onlookers.

Ride Forrest, Ride

Feel good movie of the century Forrest Gump featured one very inspirational cross country run. As fans recall, without any breaks! Forrest explained, “When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. When I had to go, you know, I went.”

At some point, though, he achieved his goal. And it was time to see Jenny, all clean-shaven and such. Tired of using those magic legs, Forrest was happy to sit back and take the airport shuttle. Did these folks even realize the celebrity they were sitting right next to? It happens all the time at airports, in fact!

In Sickness And In Health

One of the best parts of having a travel buddy is the fantastic pillows they can make!

Just ask this couple who seem to have it down to a tee and lean on each other (in the literal sense) to make traveling more of an enjoyable process.

Kimmy K At It Again

She travels enough that spotting her at an airport shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. What is surprising is that she seems to be going through the normal procedure like everyone else!

Just look at Kim Kardashian, casually barefoot with a baby in hand. This woman looks amazing everywhere she goes.

I’m So Hot Right Now

This is the coolest picture on the list…in theory. Because we all know there is absolutely no way this guy actually stuck his head out the window, snapped the perfect selfie, and lived to tell the tale.

Either way, it makes for one awesome picture.

Minka Kelly

SPOTTED: a beautiful Minka Kelly at the security check at the airport.

Why is it that famous people always look like they just came out of a beauty salon at the airport? It just doesn’t seem fair!

Sweetest Welcome Home

Awwww... There is nothing like pure intentions to put a smile on a mom’s face. This pure little girl wanted absolutely no help when creating her welcome home sign.

While only one or two words can be made out, whoever is on the welcoming end will for sure find this sign priceless!

Free Entertainment

There are always those people who take it on themselves to provide bored passengers with some free entertainment.

This time it was this pair of acrobats who showed off some impressive skills while waiting for their flight, this guy even got in some entertainment for himself and seemed to be enjoying his novel!

Acro Yoga

Another woman who would not let travel interrupt with her yoga routine. The truth is we could all do with some stretching after being cramped on a flight!

Like this woman who is not interrupting anyone as she uses the moving walkway for a bit of a yoga pose.

Darth Vader Arrives

Things only escalated…. and none other than Darth Vader made his way to arrivals! As you can see, the stormtroopers were more than pleased to see their leader arrive and greeted him with enthusiasm.

Any Star Wars fans in the airport that day must have been having a blast.

The Joys Of Shift Time

No one loves their job, and we can imagine working in an airport and checking people’s passports is less than thrilling.

So, when this worker was caught playing a sneaky game of solitaire we can all relate!

Daddy I Don’t Want To Go To Hawaii!

Did you know that suitcases are not only for carrying your luggage, but they can be great for transporting difficult children too!

Traveling is not easy for youngsters and this little girl is clearly not in the mood. Luckily, she has a father that made a plan!

Baby On Board

The most stressful part of the airport experience is without a doubt the security. You’re forced to take off pretty much everything while people are waiting impatiently for you to go through!

So, who can blame this poor woman for placing her baby on a scanning container for a couple of seconds? We certainly don’t mind as it created this adorable photo.

I’m Not Moving!

Often you find people at airports running, rushing to catch their flight or spend some time in the duty-free shops, but there are moments one has to sit back and laugh.

Like the guys stuck behind this old lady who seems totally oblivious that she is causing one huge traffic jam! That…or she just doesn’t give a damn!

Random Searches Are "Totally Random"

It's kind of funny that they still insist on calling them ‘random searches’ when everyone knows it is either some serious racial profiling or a seriously hot chic…

I’m sure they will be incredibly thorough in this search…

Don’t Call Me, Maybe?

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned…a saying that has proven to be true over and over and over again.

Next time this guy’s thinking of cheating he probably should not leave his cell phone records in the hand of his lady. We hope he gets what's coming to him!

Birds Take Flight

What a sight! Who would have imagined a flying device to be filled with more flying creatures!

We guess this kind of thing only happens when a Saudi Prince orders for 80 Falcons to be transported with Etihad Airways to the United Arab Emirates! Needless to say, it is a hilarious sight.

Happy Feet

This site is almost as cute as the story behind it! When exotic bird hunters poached these Humboldt penguins, conservationists caught on and decided to send home these little guys to their natural habitat in South Africa.

But they could send these guys home on a boat that would take ages, so they sent them via airplane! Security treated these waddling guys just like everyone else!

But I Walked All This Way!

Another perfect example of language confusion…,this airport seems to suggest that their bathrooms are right there ‘back towards your behind’!

It sounds like running in circles to me. Probably a better idea to wait for the plane’s bathrooms in this case!

This Isn’t Where I Parked My Car

Sure, flying a plane must take skill and concentration, after all becoming a pilot is no easy feat!

But surely it's not that difficult to avoid bashing into an entire building?? Seems this pilot missed the memo explaining how to park.

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Whoever said pink is made for ladies has not seen this gut! He is absolutely rocking the color from head to toe and certainly making a statement.

I mean, those boots are definitely made for walking.

Take A Ride On The Wild Side

It’s not hard to imagine that life as an airport worker is less than riveting… this guy seems to be so bored out of his mind that he has taken to carousel riding as a form of entertainment.

Taking a ride on the baggage carousel is definitely not allowed, but we can’t help but be super impressed by his balancing skills.


Its always exciting when airports have free computers and tablets for use, and I’m sure it's just as exciting for airport staff when someone leaves their Facebook open!

It's nice to know that the staff at Newcastle International Airport have a sense of humor though!

Tower Of Terror

While some airports are built purely for convenience, others have more of an artistic feel and like to give their passengers something to stare at.

Like the Sacramento airport which designed this cool book pillar.

Ads Could be Funny

Now, this is one clever ad. What better way to show that a tiny car can carry a large amount than this brilliant advertising?

Truly ingenious… we just hope no one lost their baggage or the advert is ruined!

Plank Time

This guy is either one major attention seeker, a huge fan of planking, or is so exhausted he will take any opportunity to have a quick lie down!

Either way, only lazy bums use escalators for the purpose of some shut-eye.

Smuggler's Cove

Like it's not 2018. Smuggling is still a thing, and airports have to deal with the weirdest stuff trying to be smuggled.

But if they catch only one person every few days, just think how many smugglers they don't catch! iPhones?! Really dude?

Snake Alley

Well, trying to be a zoologist is commendable, but maybe try starting out with the local wildlife. Yeah, we know they smuggle them so they could sell them, but we tried to give the gay a good reason, and maybe he'll get off with a smaller fine.

Nope. Don't think so. All the snakes and lizards are alive in bottles and bags. Scary!

Climb Aboard

Sometimes it's not just the plane that can get stuck. In this case, it's the staircase car that got stuck.

So a ladder was brought in because they probably don't have any more staircases.

Very Resourceful

Another slide, another passenger getting his nap at an airport. This guy knows how to use what he has to get some shut-eye! These newspapers are multi-resourceful.

They give him warmth and hide him away from prying eyes. He can also get some reading done when he decides to wake up!


Last time I checked, an airport was not a hunting ground. A proper one that is. It could be hunting grounds for weirdos, but still, no need for a full-out camo suit.

Not that this could ever be called a camo suit. I mean, I believe that a person having this on in the woods would be the hunted and not the hunter.

The Force Will Be With You

What is it with Star Wars and airports?? Once again, the galaxy makes an appearance… These newspapers are multi-resourceful.

They give him warmth and hide him away from prying eyes. He can also get some reading done when he decides to wake up!

Germaphobe Extreme

We all are familiar with that post-flight flu or a cough, after all, the chances of catching a cold increase by 99.9 percent on airplanes!

Still, though, this real-life bubble boy seems to be taking it a little too overboard…

Call Of Booty

This soldier is one lucky man to come home to his girl who isn’t only beautiful but has a kick-ass sense of humor!

After a greeting like this, it will definitely be harder to leave his love again, though we are pretty sure he will report for booty without any excuse whenever he can.

Orange You Funny

Worldwide shortages of good quality face masks have caused all kinds of innovation. Chinese locals started to take desperate measures to fight COVID-19, and many decided anything was better than nothing. This man found solace in an orange!

Will this fragrant fruit really ward off infection? Probably not foolproof, but necessity is the mother of invention. Oranges are easy to find, though! There's no arguing about that, at least at the moment.

TSA Protest

This woman is protesting the TSA pat down policy. She is right. And she is wrong. Let's agree that both sides are right.

By the way, this woman was banned from getting on a plane that day.

Pet Relief

This pet toilet in SanDiego airport is exactly what the world needs. Attention to our best friends.

When we fly with them, they really don't have any place to "go". So we welcome this pet toilet and hope for more.

Wake Me Up When Its Time!

As we said, airports are places where the strangest sights happen, and no one turns an eye! Like this guy who has made himself comfortable lying down plonk in the middle of a line!

The craziest thing is that people seem to accept it as normal behavior.

Don't Judge

We're not judging, but there is kind of an unspoken line that needs to be drawn.

There are some outfits that need to be taken out only at Halloween. And even then - use discretion.

Suspect Rihanna

For some reason, the TSA does not care who is passing by if you need to be patted down, you stand quietly and take it like a...

 Well... like an international superstar millionaire that you are.


Wouldn't you want your partner to be waiting for you exactly like this guy is?

Maybe you would like the sign to come with the holder? I won't say anything else.

Kim Kardashian, Again

Kim must be acting very suspiciously at airports if she gets "randomly" picked out to be patted down.

What's up with her and airports?

A Dad’s Life

Seems being a dad of two little girls means being faced with some serious decisions… either stay awake or fall asleep and be covered head to toe in stickers!

This guy chose the later and everyone wins. He gets his rest and these cuties get to have some fun!

See Me

"Can you see me already?" These people don't know the meaning of a quiet welcome party.

I'm guessing the traveler knew exactly where to go once he landed. So did everyone else.

Waiting Patiently

We know how it is when our suitcases get delayed for no apparent reason. This guy is my hero.

Don't know where he got the chair, but I wish I had one just like it.


Is there something smuggled in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

If you want to be a good smuggler, you've got to find better ways. In your pants? Please.

Gaga Airways #2

Just like we saw before when Lady Gaga wants to fly around the country or world, she does it with everybody knowing about it.

Would she ever be patted by the TSA? We'll never know.

Size Matters

This is a clear illustration that size really doesn’t mean a thing! Not even a large jet plane is a match for an army of these little people.

Maybe if Snow White had these guys at her side she wouldn’t have any problems with the wicked witch.

Size Matters #2

A pressing issue many planes have to deal with is severely overweight passengers. It's not like you can force them to purchase an extra ticket but it sure as hell makes it uncomfortable for everyone including the poor guy who has to squish up!

We imagine there will be no bathroom breaks for him.

The Face Of Reason

Yoo Byung-jae (유병재) is a South Korean television personality, actor, and screenwriter. He should also add "genius" to his list of achievements because his idea for never losing his luggage is nothing short of ingenious if we must say.

Check out his matching tee. How do you say "epic" in Korean?

Ninja Mom

As a parent myself, I really feel for this mom.

On the other hand, I really don't like these child-leashes, so she kind of brought it on herself.

Pokémon Go!

Of course, a place like Japan comes up with airplanes like this! How cool can you get? And we are sure that any little kids suffering from a fear of flying would take one look at this awesome jet and be super excited for their journey.

This plane belongs to Japan’s All Nippon Airways which is known to have the coolest themes planes whose designs extend to their interior as well with super cool and nifty features!

When You See It...

Sometimes identifying your luggage on the conveyor belt can be a pain, after all how many black suitcases can you get!

This guy has thought ahead of the game and gotten a suitcase made with a picture of himself…no losing his case that’s for sure! (would a smile have killed you though?).

Her Outfit... Matches Her Luggage!

There are those that wear their baggiest trousers and comfy jumpers on flights (like me) and there are those who use international travel as a means to show off their style.

Like this incredibly beautiful Australian model Sophi Turner who matched her outfit to her luggage!

Happy As A Beek

We want whatever he’s on! Unlike most people who stand in security lines awkwardly awaiting their frisking in bad moods, James Van Der Beek stands there, arms open and face beaming.

It's almost like he’s signaling: “Dawson isn’t hiding anything in his creek!”

Santa Gets Himself In Trouble

At the end of the day, Santa is only human and can make mistake!

Judging by this picture it seems Santa came to town a little too early and got himself into a spot of trouble.

Quick Kisses

Saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy…and people can get pretty overboard when it comes to expressing their emotions and saying, Farewell.

Clearly, this was getting too much for the airport who had to put up a sign limiting the time of goodbye kisses to 3 minutes! We wonder what the punishment is to those that don’t comply with this ‘law’.

Too Creepy

I wouldn’t trust this random baggage claim in the middle of nowhere for even a second!

Surely there is something dodgy about claiming your baggage from a parking lot? I smell a setup…