Amazing 'Avengers 4' Fan-Made Cartoon

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As The Avengers has grown to be among the biggest and most successful IPs of a generation, it’s no surprise to see fans want more. As ever with such huge franchises, the minute a title is released the fans want to see even more stuff come out. With much talk of the fourth Avengers movie, though, one fan has created a pretty impressive fan-made video that will get you pretty hyped for the real thing when it finally arrives.

With news of the first footage floating around the Marvel fan forums and the like, there’s a lot of speculation about what it might involve. One fan, though, has gone from talking about it on a forum to making his own fan trailer. It’s really impressive, and really does a good job of making the series look even better.

While rumored trailer descriptions are flying around, Spectrum Cinema, a popular YouTube channel has created a stylish animated trailer that depicts what the rumored script is supposed to be. Despite the fact it’s made more or less entirely by a fan, it’s very impressive indeed. The trailer, named Avengers: Annihilation, has some rather janky animation at times but it is really impressive for a fan-made effort.

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It’s pretty macabre, in truth, but it’s very impressive in the way that it plays out. Given it’s pulling on what we can only call strange sources, too, it’s easy to forgive the more creative parts of the writing and animation. We won’t spoil much of the trailer for you, but you do see some finished Avengers, and also a ruined world after the events of Infinity War. It’s all quite grim, really.

Excited yet?

However, the trailer itself is a great piece of work and is sure to whet the appetite for what is to come in the future. We don’t want to sit and critique amateur animation, though, but the voice acting could … use some work. Fair play to them for trying, though: it’s definitely got Marvel fans talking anyway and it will play a big role in getting people hyped up for the big fourth movie to come.

It’s expected that we’ll see the trailer for the fourth edition – the real trailer – come out before the end of the year. As ever, though, this is mostly just speculation. We’ll find out as time goes on what is going to take place, but safe to say it’s going to be quite interesting anyway.

If you want to get in the mood for a big release from Marvel, then why not take a look at the fan trailer?

As outlandish as it might be, it’s a sterling effort and will definitely put you in the mind for another blockbuster involving Tony Stark and co.

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