Andy Serkis Shares Information About The Up and Coming Adaptation “The Batman!”

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This film based on the DC Comic characters, produced by DC Films, and distributed by Warner Bros. This adaptation comic book is the most exciting and anticipated film to come down the road in many years! Robert Pattinson will play the leading role which has created a huge fan following. Andy Serkis is in the role of Batman’s butler, Alfred, and has decided to give us a lot of information about this latest film.

The Sensations That Lay Ahead Are Dark!

Speaking with LADbible, Serkis said this is an emotional connection between Batman and Alfred which is the core of the story. Matt Reeves has written an amazing script along with Peter Craig. He went on to say that Michael Caine’s work in “The Dark Knight trilogy was fantastic. He said he could not possibly go there. He said it’s like playing the most famous roles in Shakespeare’s work. You visit them often in order to make the characters your own and discover if they connect with you. Note, in 2008, Caine’s role in The Dark Knight earned a Scream Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Serkis’ Other Work

This is the first time he has played an iconic comic character. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans know him from Ulysses Klaue. He also helped to improve Industrial Light & Magic behind the scenes. Muse for Avengers – Age of Ultron with Sony, He decided to get in the director’s chair for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. This was a sequel film from 2018’s Venom which brought in $856 million at the box office. The sequel was initially set to release in June 2021 but has been pushed back to October 2021.

Inevitable Delays

Serkis was still filming scenes from The Batman when the coronavirus hit. He said they were halfway done shooting when it was shutdown. He told LADbible it will be interesting to see what happens when it’s back up and running since the lockdown. Because of the delays, the release date has been pushed back from June 2021 to October 2021. In turn, this is a golden opportunity for Matt to focus on making any possible changes.

As of date, the UK has announced their plans to resume filming but before starting up again, the studios must stay within safety guidelines including checking temperatures twice a day and avoiding all physical contact during greetings.

Moving Forward

The development of The Batman has come along well since 2014 when Ben Affleck was originally cast in the series. Then issues hit. He stepped away from filming due to many personal reasons There were several actors in line to take over including Pattinson, Hammer, and Hoult. Reeves was set on Pattinson.

All said and done, outside Pattinson and Serkis, the film has a tremendous cast including Zoë Kravitz who lent her voice for Catwoman in the Lego Batman film will get to play a villain. Colin Farrell portraying Bullseye in Daredevil; is playing The Penguin. Max and Charlie Carver, who are twin brothers, will be featured but it is not disclosed what their roles will be. Some believe they will play Tweedledee and Tweedledum or possibly The Trigger Twins.

While you will have to wait a while longer before you see the film, you can check the new trailer for the movie released during Dc fan event this month: 

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