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As one of the most influential companies in the world, Apple has enjoyed a pretty spectacular decade. Despite having come through various challenges, their constant desire for innovation and implementation of new ideas has kept them ahead of the pack. And while some have tried to challenge for their throne, most have found them impossible to shift. And that throne is about to become a touch more comfortable, we believe, with the upcoming Apple U1 chip.

This will be used in the massive iPhone brand and could be one of the smartest long-term investments in the world. While it might not do much for you in the short-term, the long-term implications of it are massive. Basically, imagine it like having the power of a 4K TV back in the 2000s; you know you cannot maximise it today, but it could be invaluable to you in the next few years.

It’s going to allow applications and other features to extend far beyond where they are at present. In short, it’s bound to be an absolute game-changer for everyone. While many people might roll their eyes at yet another tech innovation with a hefty price tag, this is a genuine move forward for Apple – perhaps their biggest since the innovation of the iPad.

This is because the chip is going to be growing exponentially over the next years. While just now it’s only really useful for things like AirDrop, it’s going to become far more useful and effective in the near future. This s because it’ll be using what is known as ultra-wideband technology, which is arguably the most powerful wireless technology out there.

It’s similar in some ways to a normal Wi-Fi connection, but the possibilities that it offers are utterly ridiculous.

U1: The next step in Apple dominance?

For those who have been watching Apple plan ahead by years with each release, this is just another example of their commendable foresight. The company has managed to pretty much guess the direction of travel in the tech industry for the last three decades.

Iphone 11 will be with the new U1 chip

By being able to connect with other UWB devices, this will allow for some of the fastest file transfer that we’ve ever seen – even when the scope of data being transferred is massive. While it’s not doing much for your phone today, it’s what U1 can achieve tomorrow that has so many people ludicrously excited.

Indeed, they intend to come up with things such as a competitor to electronic tagging tool Tile, as well as various other apps and platforms that have seen success already. Basically, they look full ready to start moving into a whole new era of technology – something that will absolutely blow away everything that had come before them.

From enhancing the power of Augmented Reality to creating a solution that might make mass data transfer a piece of cake, the possibilities for the U1 really are some of the most exciting possibilities that we have seen in a long, long time. 

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