Baby Yoda Travels To Outer Space With SpaceX!

Just about everyone loves films about outer space and Baby Yoda! You are in for a real treat traveling through space with Yoda! I’m sure if you watched the live feeds from SpaceX’s launch of the Dragon Capsule you noticed one additional crew member, Baby Yoda! Baby Yoda, the ever so cute star of The Mandalorian has entered outer space!

At one point, a stuffed toy starts floating ever so freely throughout the cabin, The toy, named “Child”, is actually a zero-G indicator letting the astronauts know they have broken free of Earth’s gravity.

As Baby Yoda is known to love eggs, we truly hope the astronauts did not bring eggs along for lunch. If they did, they were in for a rude awakening when they discovered all the eggs were gone, thanks to Baby Yoda!

Also, in the video, you can watch the “Child” floating everywhere and at one point, trying to steal a seat from one of the crew members!

The Dragon capsule is carrying four astronauts to spend a period of time on the International Space Station. Three of the astronauts are from NASA and one from Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency along with one Baby Yoda. Well, Yoda will be in great company as astronauts always choose zero indicators on their trips.

Once everyone returns to Planet Earth, you will be able to catch Baby Yoda in new episodes of “The Mandalorian” each and every Friday on Disney!