Beaches That Are Considered Deadly

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Summer is right around the corner and everyone is looking forward to heading out and enjoying a weekend at the beach.

That said, what most people do not know, there are many beaches around the world that are rated as very dangerous. You should know where these beaches are in order to keep your family and friends safe over the summer months.

Some beaches are home to cobras, alligators, and even lions roaming around the sand dunes.  So, let's get started with some of the most deadly beaches you should stay far away from.


New Smyrna Beach is located in Volusia County in Florida and has witnessed more shark bites than any other area in the world during 2007.  Then in 2008, they beat their own record of shark bites with a shocking 24 bites.  Quite honestly, if up close and personal with a shark is not in your summer plans, stay far away from this beach. Over the past 5 years, New Smyrna beach has seen eight shark attacks that have resulted in death.  Smyrna Beach is home to the bull shark who is also able to swim and fish in fresh water.

If the thought of sharks is not something that bothers you, you will probably enjoy their many recreational opportunities such as fishing, sailing, golfing, hiking, and motor boating.  The area is also known for its excellent surfing.  So, if enjoying their other activities along with being next to a 290 pound animal with a bite force of 5,914 newtons is insignificant to you, have a ball!  By the way, newtons are the international system of unit force.  It is equal to the force of one kilogram which is an acceleration of one meter per second, equivalent to 100,000 dynes.

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