Best 'You Had One Job' Moments

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Sometimes employees have just one task to do, yet still manage to mess it up. In fact, they may gunk it up so bad it's even hard to believe they didn't understand what they were doing! Revenge, perhaps. Or maybe it's a practical joke on the boss?

Sadly, no — sometimes people fail so miserably that it needs its own honor on the internet. And when the culprit is not you, it can be pretty amusing to laugh at! Everyone makes mistakes, but not these mistakes.

Go Big Or Go Home

Well, well. Just another dedicated cheerleader doing her campus job, rallying for pilots and astronauts as they fly over the field. Or is she?

With uniforms to encourage conformity, this girl is at least an individual doing her thing. But what is it? It's not clear if it happens all the time, but planes do those upside-down loop-de-loops all the time in cartoons. Maybe life imitates art? Maybe that OG is stronger than a simple GO! Why be like everyone else?