Marketing Teams Should Be Proud Of Their Creative Thinking Demonstrated In Rad Ads.

At this point, ads are part of our everyday lives. We go on a drive, and they’re pasted on billboards. We watch some videos, and they pop up before we’re even done. We read an article online, and they’re all over the page! Yeah, they can be pretty annoying most times but admit it, a lot of them can be kinda entertaining.

Some companies have taken “brand awareness” to a whole new level, going to great, and ridiculous lengths to leave an impression on potential consumers. They’ve put out some clever, questionable, creative, and witty content to stand out from the crowd, and despite how silly that may seem, we’re all for it. We present to you the 35 most incredible ads of all time.

Pedestrian Crossing At McDonald's

Zurich's largest festival, Züri Fäscht, happens during the first three days of July. Once every three years, the entire city transforms into a car-free recreational area where people can enjoy themselves, drink, and eat. Naturally, this also leads to intense competition among food vendors.

The marketing team at McDonald's came up with a unique advertising strategy that definitely catches the eye - they painted giant fries as crosswalks leading to their restaurants. We must admit that whoever came up with this campaign deserves recognition for their creativity and should be considered for a raise!

Axe (Not changed)

The truth is, appearance counts. Being well-groomed and attractive improves your overall presentation, but there's something equally alluring: a pleasant scent. This is why fragrance brands are a significant aspect of the beauty industry, and Axe dominates in catering to the male demographic in this field.

They didn't accomplish their success solely by releasing products - that's something that anyone can do. Instead, they elevated their approach by creating clever advertisements like this one. While women may not necessarily chase after you when you wear their product as suggested in the ad, at the very least, they won't be repelled by you either!

Again McDonald’s

A standard billboard showcasing some mouth-watering treats may not necessarily stand out. However, by incorporating a creative element to make it distinctive, you have earned a spot on our compilation list.

When taste meets innovation, you get the McDonald's sundial billboard. This billboard displays the fast-food chain's breakfast menu with the sun casting a shadow that directs to an item at the time of day when people typically consume it. With such an inventive advertisement, it's reasonable to declare McDonald's as the king of fast-food advertising.

McIlhenny's Tabasco (Not changed)

McIlhenny's Tabasco is a renowned and cherished red sauce with a flavor that tantalizes the senses. It has been around for over a century and a half, and one cannot maintain such longevity without some exceptional advertising campaigns.

Although we are big fans and appreciate the intent behind it, the execution of the bottom-left advertisement is lacking. Shouldn't the ads aim to bring the heat rather than extinguish it? Nevertheless, we concur with the sentiment in the first picture: this spicy sauce is undoubtedly the bomb!

Koleston (Not changed)

The purpose of an advertisement isn't always about its practicality. Often, all it takes is a clever concept that can circulate online, making it a highly effective marketing strategy. This particular ad is timeless and one of the most visually appealing ones we have come across.

Koleston's creative advertisements have certainly given other hair care brands a run for their money. In this particular ad, the stunning sunset serves as a picturesque backdrop. However, we cannot help but ponder how the billboard would appear during the daytime.

BMW M3 (Not changed)

The BMW is a well-known luxury car brand that every car enthusiast is familiar with. Renowned for their cutting-edge features and advanced technologies, BMW has secured a place among the top German vehicle manufacturers. It's not just their products that are exceptional; their advertisements are equally impressive.

In the modern world of automobiles, there is fierce competition among brands such as Ferrari, Audi, Tesla, and Mercedes, among others. Despite this, how has BMW maintained its dominance? By partnering with DC and releasing ingenious advertisements like these!

Hot Wheels (Not changed)

Certain companies and brands go above and beyond with their advertising, creating campaigns that embody the "go big or go home" attitude. This Hot Wheels advertisement exemplifies this mindset, as the toy brand created a massive loop-the-loop structure placed on a freeway, with their iconic logo featured alongside it.

The 2011 campaign, "Curl," was launched in Colombia. Although the hole in the curl will have a different color from the sky on a sunny day, making it evident to drivers that it's a prop, the ad is still impressive. It's definitely a cool advertisement.

Volvo's Epic Split Features Jean-Claude Van Damme In A Remarkable Display Of Agility And Balance

Jean Claude executed a breathtaking stunt to demonstrate the remarkable stability and precision of Volvo's dynamic steering. The narration, music, split, camera angles, reverse truck alignment, and every other aspect merged together seamlessly to create a remarkable work of art - this advertisement.

An advertisement is considered exceptional when even after many years, people still search for it just to admire its brilliance. The level of practice and skill required to create such an ad leaves us awestruck, and the fact that it was flawlessly executed in just one take is simply astounding.

Hijet MPV (Not changed)

The automotive industry has undergone a significant transformation, and the same applies to their advertisements. While this particular ad may seem like it's taking a dig at the Italian racecar brand, Lamborghini, it's merely stating the facts.

With five times as many seats and an outstanding warranty, in theory, you could attract more women for a fraction of the cost. While individuals may not have been quick to purchase this car based on that slim possibility, this subtle ad remains exceptional.

Ultra-Thin Mac By Apple

Before the advent of video ads and billboards, magazines were among the most popular mediums for companies and brands to showcase themselves. While advertising methods have evolved and diversified considerably, we still come across something worth pausing the page-turning for every once in a while.

This extremely innovative Apple advertisement was designed to showcase the remarkable thinness of their product, comparable to a sheet of paper! Despite the 2007 MacBook Pro being significantly slimmer than its contemporaries at the time, they should have included a disclaimer. This ad gives the impression that the delicate technology is fragile and susceptible to damage.

FedEx (Not changed)

For anyone who has ever placed an online order, nothing is more frustrating than receiving it later than anticipated. Unless, of course, you receive something that is not what you ordered, but that's not the focus of this post! The focal point here is this exceptional advertisement and the dispute it addresses.

In this advertisement, FedEx boldly asserts their position as the first by overtly taunting one of their major competitors, DHL. It's a genuine battle of the brands' ads, and it's evident that FedEx has the upper hand.

The Viral Kit Kat Ad (Not changed)

Amidst the challenges of the year 2020, which were largely caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us were forced to work from home and stay indoors. It was a difficult time, but this Kit Kat advertisement was the perfect message we needed - reminding us to take a break and indulge in some delicious chocolate.

The innovative designer, Sam Henning, conceived this unofficial ad. With the assistance of Nicholas Tasker, it was refined and soon became a viral sensation. Such was its popularity that the Kit Kat brand approached the creator to request permission to share it across their social media platforms!

MGB (Not changed)

This ad could have used the caption, "Sometimes my's almost frightening," as seen in some memes. This would have been appropriate since many people were confused about what was happening in the ad.

At first glance, the ad may appear slightly disturbing, as though the man is attempting to abduct the woman. However, upon closer inspection and considering the period in which it was released, it becomes apparent that they're referring to participating in some youthful mischiefs, which your typically conservative mother from the 60s would not have approved of. This is why we allude to the meme.

The Park Assist Feature By Volkswagen

With how many ads have already been made and how many are in the works, it’s pretty hard to stay unique, creative, and still drive a point home. That’s why it’s super important that companies have to think outside the box. Case in point; this VW ad.

This automotive brand is demonstrating that their parking technology is so accurate that you could effortlessly fit a charming little hedgehog between two delicate plastic bags filled with water and a pair of innocent goldfish. The ad is visually striking and completely unique, delivering the intended message with remarkable effectiveness.

Orion Telescopes (Not changed)

One of the most effective ways to promote a product is through advertising, demonstrating to the public precisely how it works. This Orion telescope advertisement accomplishes this goal, exhibiting the immense power of the lensed beasts in a remarkable manner.

Despite its slightly comical tone, this clever advertisement has faced criticism from some negative individuals who seem determined to nitpick. However, it's crucial to remember that the ad isn't intended to be completely factual, as most advertisements aren't. Instead, it employs a creative approach to convey the capabilities of their telescopes, and it's undoubtedly impressive.

Wishing You A Joyful Father's Day From McDonald's

In today's world, diversity and inclusivity are vital concepts. That's why McDonald's discreetly acknowledging the less hirsute among us through this clever ad, featuring sesame seeds sprinkled on the sides of a burger, is a fantastic way to pay tribute to our fathers.

While it's true that the balding dad stereotype isn't representative of all fathers, this McDonald's advertisement is still enjoyable and lighthearted. While balding is no joking matter, it's essential to have a bit of fun sometimes. This ad is a prime example of exceptional advertising and highlights the remarkable creativity of the minds responsible for McDonald's marketing campaigns.

Nobody's Perfect, Might Have Been Porsche's Slogan Back In 1983

When it comes to advertising, there are countless approaches one can take. While we may not be experts, it's clear that a successful strategy is to capture the audience's attention and draw them in. By doing so, they become interested in the brand, establish a connection, and are more likely to remember it. This ad manages to accomplish all of these goals with incredible effectiveness.

Even after all this time, the "Nobody's perfect" Porsche print ad remains a powerful testament to their dominance over the competition at the Le Mans race. This iconic ad is considered one of the greatest corporate ads of all time, and it's certainly one of our favorites.

Nike Raises The Bar For Others To Follow

Nike has been leading the way in the world of sportswear, gear, and accessories, and their success is not only due to their high-quality products. Their memorable and motivational ads, like the ones shown here, have also played a significant role in setting the benchmark for the industry.

This Nike ad leaves no room for taking a break, encouraging people not to give up during their runs. While the message is undoubtedly motivational, it could also be seen as intense and even exhausting. For someone who has just completed an exhausting run and is looking to catch their breath, the ad may come across as a bit too demanding.

More Than Meets The Eye - Sharp

Exaggeration has always been a popular tool used in advertising, and we've seen it in various campaigns, from Orion Telescope to Axe and Hijet MPV ads. While it may not always reflect reality, exaggerating the benefits of a product is an effective way for companies to grab the attention of their audience and make their message more entertaining and memorable.

WMF's Grand Gourmet knife is showcased in this ad, demonstrating its superior sharpness by slicing through the cutting board. The ad's simplicity and effectiveness are noteworthy, though one must be careful not to get in the way of the blade.

The Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate Insurance decided to use the element of surprise in their ad, and it certainly caught people's attention. The ad featured a car hanging on the edge of a parking garage floor, creating a shocking and impactful visual to promote their insurance services.

A glance at this ad may cause concern for the driver or car owner in a precarious position, but it's an attention-grabbing tactic that Allstate Insurance uses to promote their coverage options. With a car dangling on the edge of a parking garage, the little blue Allstate billboard at the bottom asks the important question: do you have coverage?

Aston Martin (Not changed)

Aston Martin cars are often praised for their exquisite design and luxurious features, making them true works of art on wheels. But instead of relying solely on these selling points, the company took a different approach by creating ads that are relatable and amusing, making them stand out from the competition.

This ad from Aston Martin is a little bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, it could be interpreted as appealing to those going through a divorce, which is a little strange. But on the other hand, it cleverly implies that their cars are so valuable that they are worth protecting even in the midst of a contentious split.

BIC Razors (Not changed)

Creating a successful ad campaign is no easy feat. It requires a talented marketing team to come up with an idea that accurately represents the brand and resonates with the intended audience. BIC may not make hammers, but they certainly nailed it with this razor ad.

Bic Razor's unique ad approach showcases the product's effectiveness in an unconventional way. Cutting through thick grass, the razor demonstrates its superior shaving power. It's not your everyday ad, but that's what makes it stand out and effectively communicate the product's benefits.

The Significance Of Dentistry

Your smile is often the first thing that people notice when they meet you. It's a crucial aspect of your appearance and can have a significant impact on how you're perceived by others. This is why maintaining good dental health and hygiene is crucial not only for your physical health but also for your social and emotional well-being.

This ad strikes the perfect balance between humor and a “gotcha” moment. The ad is right in pointing out that the missing tooth draws the viewer’s attention away from any other changes in the models. However, we can’t help but wonder why nobody is talking about the pony’s horn on the little girl’s forehead.

Another Kit Kat ad (Not changed)

Stress can really get the best of us and cause us to do some pretty silly things. That’s why we need stress balls - those malleable toys that we can squeeze to release all the pent-up tension when we're feeling anxious. After all, without them, we might end up doing something unforgivable, like breaking a Kit Kat.

There's something undeniably satisfying about the sound of a Kit Kat breaking. It's not that we're violent or aggressive people, but that crunch just hits the spot. Maybe it's because we know a delicious chocolatey treat is just moments away.

Porsche (Not changed)

Throughout the numerous car ads we’ve seen, we’ve observed that they all successfully catered to their target audience. However, what sets apart the great ads from the average ones is the humor factor, which was present in many of them, including this particular ad.

This Porsche ad stands out from the rest with its unique approach to humor. While many ads opt for a light-hearted and cheerful tone, this one goes to the dark side, and it works. It’s not for everyone, and if you haven’t seen it, we won’t spoil it for you. Just know that it’s definitely worth a watch.

Lego (Not changed)

This particular Lego advertisement is truly a masterpiece in terms of creativity. It effectively conveys a powerful message that through the power of imagination, the possibilities with Legos are endless.

The beauty of this Lego ad lies in its simplicity. Through the use of symbolic silhouettes and a soft, muted color scheme, it delivers a powerful message with just a single image. The ad emphasizes the limitless possibilities of imagination and creativity with Lego, and its effectiveness lies in its ability to speak to people of all ages. Despite its age, this ad continues to captivate and inspire audiences even today.

The San Diego Zoo (Not changed)

Effective advertising doesn't always have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, sometimes a simple, clever approach is all that's needed to capture people's attention and get your message across. The San Diego Zoo's ad is a great example of this principle in action.

The San Diego Zoo has shown that sometimes, the simplest advertising tactics can be the most effective. Using a banner displaying a giraffe's portrait and clever graphic design, they transformed a lamp post into the animal's long neck, creating an eye-catching and memorable ad that entices people to visit. After all, who can resist the charm of a cute giraffe?

Chupa Chups Candy Brand

Over the years, print ads have undergone a significant transformation for the better. They have become more visually appealing and profound. Nowadays, a brand can convey their message through an eye-catching image, eliminating the need for lengthy captions. Chupa Chups' ad is a prime example of this trend.

Chupa Chups has proven that less is more with their clever advertisement that showcases their sugar-free lollipops in a unique way. The ad features one of their candies, and a trail of ants taking a detour around it, indicating that the lollipop contains no sugar. It's a simple yet effective way to communicate the product's benefits without using any words.

McDonald’s… for the umpteenth time (Not changed)

It's hard to deny that McDonald's has some of the most creative ads out there. From their sundial billboard to the pedestrian crossing and now this latest ad, they continue to captivate their audience with their innovative marketing strategies.

This billboard by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola is a prime example of creative advertising that’s also practical. Using the temperature as a reference, the ad encourages passersby to grab an ice-cold Coca-Cola and beat the heat. It’s a simple yet effective message that appeals to basic human needs and desires. No wonder McDonald’s continues to dominate the advertising game.

FedEx truly is the fastest (Not changed)

When it comes to delivery services, FedEx is a name that stands out among the rest. They have a reputation for being efficient and reliable, and their advertising campaigns reflect that. The "neighbors" print ad is a perfect example of their creativity and innovation.

FedEx has always been a major player in the delivery services industry, and they have consistently come up with great campaigns to maintain their position at the top. This particular print ad, which features a comparison of their intercontinental shipping speed to giving a parcel to a neighbor, is another great example. A closer look at the wall reveals that the patches are cleverly shaped like a map of the Americas.

Ford (Not changed)

Sometimes all you need for an effective ad is a straightforward headline and visually appealing graphics, and that's precisely what this car brand accomplished with its "Key Skyline" ad. The message is concise and to the point, conveying the brand's values and what they stand for.

The Ford Fusion advertisement is a masterclass in simplicity, with its striking visuals and concise yet impactful messaging. It suggests that purchasing the Fusion is the key to unlocking the modern urban lifestyle and all the possibilities it holds. In a crowded market of automobile advertising, this standout ad proves that less is often more.

Ajax Wipes (Not changed)

With countless brands vying for attention, it's essential to stand out in the minds of consumers. If your brand is forgettable or lacks a unique identity, it's unlikely that people will seek it out. Instead, they'll likely choose a brand they recognize or have used before. In order to attract customers to your business, it's crucial to create a memorable and distinctive brand image.

In the crowded market, customers tend to gravitate towards brands they recognize or have used before, making it crucial to grab their attention and stand out. This is where advertising comes in, showcasing your brand's unique offerings and benefits to attract customers. Ajax's ad is a prime example, highlighting the quick and effective cleaning power of their product.

Stihl’s Blowers (Not changed)

We all have our share of bad days, filled with bad news and negative moods. It's a relatable experience, and that's where Stihl's Blowers come in. They offer a solution to take away the mess and leaves that create chaos in our lives.

Stihl's leaf blowers are here to blow away your bad day! Yes, you read that right. This ad is not what we expected, but we have to admit, it's pretty clever. The scattered letters in the ad design also add a nice touch to the overall message.

Austin Morrisc

The automotive market is highly competitive, making it challenging to distinguish oneself from the competition. However, this Austin Morris ad proves that big cars aren't the only ones that can bring happiness...

This Austin Morris ad shows that small cars can be just as enjoyable as their bigger counterparts. Not only are they compact and cost-effective, but they can also be a source of happiness. It's a clever advertisement that highlights the benefits of choosing a smaller car. We applaud the marketing team for their creativity and give this ad a perfect score of 10 out of 10.

Porsche. (Not changed)

While we have a soft spot for modest cars like minis, there's something about supercars that captures the essence of flamboyance. Standing out from the crowd can be thrilling, and what better way to do it than with a flashy car?

Luxury cars have a certain allure that draws in a lot of people, and perhaps some of the best company you could hope for. While we cannot verify the claim made in this poster, we can guarantee that driving one of these cars will get you the attention you deserve as you cruise down the street.

Bearded Lady Bourbon (Not changed)

While it's not a topic that anyone enjoys discussing, this Bearded Lady ad addresses a very important point. If you find yourself in a situation where you're being pulled over, you may end up in an uncomfortable position. However, it's important to remember that the police officer is just doing their job and following protocol. So, make sure you're prepared by using Bearded Lady's product.

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