40 Clever Boat Names for the High C’s

By Harry Anson
Bored Panda

As you’ll sea (sorry, see) below, boat names provide sailors with a great opportunity to show off their creativity. For some reason, that creativity usually comes in the form of clever puns and nautical names that have more than one meaning. If you’re knot shore (sorry, not sure) what we mean, have a look at the musical name below.

High C’s means the open ocean and a great note on the trumpet. Why sailors are so good at puns is a mystery as baffling as the Bermuda triangle. It might have something to do with passing the time while being bored out at see (sorry, sea). Or, maybe it’s becuase all sailors are aspiring writers. Although the exact reason is hard to pin down, it’s easy to appreciate. So, let’s appreciate it with 39 clever boat names.