Hilarious Breakup Notes


If there is one thing universally despised, it is a one-way breakup. Surprise, surprise! The internet has captured a few empowered lovers who decided to walk out in their own way! How did they handle the challenge, text-wise?

Poor Paul

Sometimes, true love doesn't last forever. In the case of one man named Paul, his rude awakening is the talk of the town! Not only is he finding out the hard way, but there's an additional tragedy about to unfold. 

It's not every day that folks see this level of savagery: Mr. Paul will probably never show his face again after this sign, and he is even losing the pet! Publicly lambasted and soon to be dog-less, it's a hard lesson to share this kind of shame with friends and neighbors. Will he be a better beau, next time around?

It's that time: Read on to see the shadiest, sneakiest breakup notes on the net!