'Brown noise' is Incredibly Popular on TikTok: The Latest Sleep Secret?

Just watching dances on TikTok is a thing of the past. Popular social network is full of videos you can learn something. About brown noise, for example. A sleep trend that is incredibly popular on TikTok. But what exactly is it?

White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise

You may have heard of white noise. This sound is already widely used (in babies) to help them fall asleep peacefully. You can play a video with this sound (for example, the sound of the sea or a waterfall or a fan) and there are even devices for sale that make this sound. In addition to white noise, you also have pink noise. These sounds are similar, but pink noise is a little less loud because the lower tones are amplified and therefore a little less disturbing. Think of the sound of not-too-strong wind or rain.

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So there is another color noise: brown noise which is also called red noise. That makes it unnecessarily complicated, so let's stick with brown noise. Not new among experts, it is also already widely used in combination with other sounds, but because of the new attention on TikTok, it is new to many others.

Sleep experts say that this sound contains all the frequencies and sounds of each octave and therefore helps you to be able to let go of your thoughts and fall asleep comfortably. In addition, feedback on TikTok also shows that it helps people with ADHD to relax.

Not as much research has been done on brown noise as has been done on white noise. TikTok users, therefore, hope that this trend will attract more attention and that scientific research will prove the benefits of brown noise.