Bruno Mars Set to Play Prince

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As one of the most iconic musicians of all-time, the passing of Prince naturally hit the creative world hard. Since his death, we’ve seen multiple nods and tributes to one of music’ most beloved participants. However, one of the most exciting creations to do with Prince – a biopic – might have secured a fantastic stand-in for the legend: Bruno Mars.

Mars, 32, is being linked with taking on the role of Prince in a biopic being put together by Netflix. This interesting new program would take a full look at the life of Prince, and try to do the legend some justice. Mars himself sang Purple Rain at the US Grammy Awards, and it went down like a house on fire. According to sources at Netflix, then, it’s likely that he’ll take part in the role – despite it likely being among the most challenging roles he’s ever taken on.

If you have watched Mars perform for even a few moments, you’ll see the immediate influence Prince had on his style. A passionate lover of acting, despite having little to no experience, it would be a fine opportunity for him to work his way into a new kind of showbiz at the same time as do his idol some justice.

While it would be his acting debut, the hope is that he will accept. Seen as a great stand-in with his natural charisma and talent, Mars would offer a fine portrayal of Prince.

Prince died aged 57 from what has been described as an ‘accidental overdose’ in 2016. Found dead in his Paisley Park home on April 21st, the two years that have come since have been used to try find the perfect way to portray what was such an energizing life.

Too much too soon?

Naturally, the role would be a big one to try and fill for Mars. With a distinct lack of acting experience, it would be a major role to try and take on so early in his acting career. However, as someone who carries that same soulful charm as Prince, and being a wonderfully talented musician himself, it would make up for any lack of acting expertise.

While some would perhaps prefer an actor to play Prince in a biopic, the musical skills and natural flair of Mars would likely make him the ideal candidate. Would you be happy with Bruno Mars as the person to play Prince? Or would you rather an actor with more experience in playing a role in a biopic?

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