Catnip VS Mosquitoes

We know catnip as a plant that has a funny effect on cats. The plant is native to Europe and can also be used in tea, or in traditional medicine to help with colds, fevers, and migraines. But did you know that it can also be used to fight off insects?

Photo: Vladislav Balakshii/Unsplash

Researchers at the Iowa State University have found that a solution of catnip extract repels mosquitoes as much as a DEET solution, which is ten times more concentrated. This is due to the essential oil, Nepetalactone. Nepetalactone is what gives the plant its scent, and that is what makes the mosquitoes fly off.

Entomologists Chris Peterson, Ph.D., and Joel Coats, Ph.D., led the effort in testing catnip’s ability as a mosquito repellant. What makes this odor so repulsive to mosquitos is still pretty much a mystery. However, anything as good as DEET is an improvement, as it is always better to opt for a natural product instead of something chemically produced.

Photo: James Wainscoat/Unsplash

Catnip As Tea

Aside from entertaining your cat and repelling mosquitoes, catnip also has some interesting benefits for humans. Using the plant’s dried leaves and flowers can create a soothing effect and can aid you with stress or insomnia. Using the roots can be a great replacement for your daily cup of coffee, as they have a stimulating effect. Tea from catnip has a unique flavor you’ve probably never tasted before, almost like drinking a forest. If you add lemon to your catnip tea, it will bring out the minty flavor the plant holds.