A Quick Check-in on Weathergirls Around the World

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Sure, women are underrepresented in meteorology. But it's all about quality over quantity, and today is the day to see the best in the biz! Turning up the temperature, what's going on around the weather world right now?

Janice Villagran

The sultry Janice Villagran has done it all. After majoring in communications in college, she knew she wanted to be involved in broadcasting. Quickly, she was put in news segments. Then, she found a home in weather: El pronóstico del tiempo, please!

Estrella TV

Some argue that Mexican weather is the very best in the industry. Why Mexico? Well, Janice has certainly played her part in it! These days, the bilingual beauty works for Estrella TV. And with 200,000 Instagram followers, she has started to share a lot more about herself outside the set. Surprise, surprise  Janice Villagran loves to play chess!

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