Celeb Doppelgangers You Can't Tell Apart

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Everyone has a doppelganger out there, and that includes celebrity friends! Sometimes they are last to know, though fans have already noticed the resemblance. Mixing them up could be forgiven: Check out these celebrity doppelgangers with other celebrities!

Amy Adams & Isla Fisher

Which iconic redhead starred in the hit drama American Hustle? For those having a hard time figuring out if it was Isla Fisher or Amy Adams, all is understood. While Amy snagged that choice role, Isla said that she gets mistaken for Amy frequently!

And it's not just fans on the street, either. Once at an Oscar after-party, Lady Gaga commended her on her performance in American Hustle. But she got it wrong, too! Amy explained: "I'm thinking ‘Oh my gosh. It's Lady Gaga. I love her so much. I don't want to tell her the truth,...I just gracefully thanked her and bowed my head." At least she got a good story out of it! Amy's a pretty good humored gal. How has Isla handled all of this?

Read on to see the shocking look-a-likes that stun the stars themselves, next!