Cheers Stories And Fun Facts

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Wouldn't you agree Cheers is one of the greatest TV Shows to be aired? Can you believe over 36 years have passed since its premiere on September 30, 1982?

Whether you're a superfan, or just caught one episode on reruns - This one is mind blowing!! You'll be shocked where some of these glorious casts are members today. Sadly few beloved are not with us anymore. Did you know that after the show premiered ( on September 30, 1982) it was almost canceled?

During the first season, it ranked 74th out of 77 TV shows!! It took some time, but the show grew on people, and became a cult show. The finale was aired on May 20, 1993. There were 275 episodes.

So, do you know everybody's name?!

With 275 episodes spanning over eleven seasons on NBC, the show garnered a record 111 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, with a total of 28 wins, and 31 Golden Globe nominations, with a total of 6 wins. The show paved the way for the many talented actors in the successful Cheers spin-off - Frasier.