30+ Pictures of Clueless People Captured at the Right Moment

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In the words of Miley Cyrus (and many people who’ve gone before her), "no one is perfect." We all make mistakes, but one of the small blessings to arise from these embarrassing blunders is that they do, at least, make for entertaining stories. Sometimes, the mistakes people make are so obvious to passersby. The question is, should you step in and warn them that something is about to go terribly wrong?

Some situations look ripe for disaster, but people don’t always appreciate it when you “interfere,” even if you’re only trying to help. Sometimes, though, the situation is so bad that you have no choice but to tell the person. This was the case in most of the pictures you’re about to see. Though some of them aren’t all that serious, many of the photographs below will convince you to take action if you encounter similar situations in the wild.