CPR Used to Save Baby Deer Floating In a Lake 

The article first appeared on:parentsdome.com 

The world is full of some pretty saddening stuff at the moment, and it’s hard to find a bit of good news if you don’t look too hard. If you want to have your humanity restored a little, though, this story about some good Texans might be just what you need.

Brian Ballard and his wife Liz were out and about in Lake Tyler in Texas when they spotted an object in the water. It turned out to be a little fawn who was in serious trouble. They got their boat up close and pulled the little fawn onto the boat. It was there that Ashton Byrd, another individual who was on his own boat, spotted the commotion. Byrd decided to get involved, diving over to their boat to try and give some support.

Speaking to KETK, Byrd said that it “It [seemed] dead, but it had life in its eyes,”

He dived over and the two men took turns administering the little fawn with some CPR. They did this for several minutes until, after much struggle, the little thing started to breathe and got up to its feet once again. The heroes then brought it to a local wildlife rehabilitation clinic to get it looked after.

The video, which has racked up over 90,000 views so far, looks set to continue to go viral as we see a fantastic side of humanity. In a year that has felt blighted by negativity and fear, this little story is a fine example of all the unspoken good that can take place in the world – if we look for it, that is. 

Watch the video below: