Crazy Face Tattoos That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Life Choices

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Everyone has their own views on what constitutes art and beauty. Spa treatments, botox, fillers, and even plastic surgery are becoming so common that we’re all quite used to seeing augmented faces. However, some people still manage to stun with the way they alter their faces. The people you’re about to meet have made their mark on the world (and their faces) by getting crazy tattoos in the one place you can never really hide. 
Though it is possible in the modern world to remove tattoos, the process is difficult, painful, and not suitable for all tattoo types or locations. On top of this, the tattoos are never fully erased. A trace of them always remains, which is why many of the people you’re about to meet wish they thought more carefully about filling their faces with ink. Now, there’s little else they can do but save up for laser tattoo removal and offer their stories as cautionary tales. Read on to discover what the world’s craziest face tattoos look like.