Creed III Was Going Into Production Late In The Year And Directed By Michael B. Jordan

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The last time we heard from Adonis Creed, he won his rematch against Victor Drago, son of Ivan Drago, in Creed II. If you don’t know, Ivan Drago killed Adonis’ father.

Creed II made more money than the first Creed but ended out guaranteeing there would be a Creed III. It’s still unknown if Michael B. Jordan’s Donnie will fight the son of Clubber Lang. There are still many details that have not been released but Creed co-star, Tessa Thompson is the one who announced the production of Creed III toward the end of the year. As Jordan was named The Sexiest Man Alive, she joked about the rumor that Jordan would be the director of Creed III saying if he is the director, he needs to dial down his sexiness. Jordan was named “.

Creed III would be Jordan’s directorial debut but has been very active behind the scenes over the past few years. He was the executive producer for Creed II and Fahrenheit 451 as well as his upcoming Clancy film “Without Remorse” and the Rocky series which has featured many directors. Rocky II, III, and IV were all directed by Stallone. Not surprising, Stallone is currently at work on the director’s cut of Rocky IV. To date, there is no news about the release of the project.

Any details or information about the release of Creed III is still under lock and key. Once we something, you will know something, so stay tuned!

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