Die Hard Wins Big Time (Finally)

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With Die Hard being written off as a Christmas movie by John McClane himself, fans of the movie are naturally feeling their noses a touch out of joint. A classic Christmas movie for those who cannot stomach stuff like The Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s easy to see why so many people find it hard to agree with Bruce Willis in his assessment.

However, if you are feeling raw about this decision, you might be pleased to know that Die Hard was rated the best action movie of all-time recently. The likes of Lethal Weapon and Terminator gave it a good run for its money, of course. But, how can anything beat John McClane and his perma-white vest and cut-to-hell feet taking on some of the most maniacal Eastern Europeans you’ll likely see in cinema?

In the 80s and 90s, the sheer level of competition for such an accolade would have been suffocating. With the likes of Machete (albeit a comedy in many ways) and The Raid probably being the best modern equivalents, it’s easy to see why so many people are still dewy-eyed and nostalgic for the good old movies.

Thanks to the recent Entertainment Weekly vote, we can finally say that Mr. McClane and his jaunt through the Nakatomi Plaza to save everyone from having a rather ruinous festive period. Throw in the marriage dynamics, the awesome cat-and-mouse chase with the bad guys and his parlay with the coppers outside, and it’s easy to see why Die Hard remains such a fabled classic.

EW voted it the best action movie ever, and it was rated by Empire as the 29th best movie of all-time regardless of the genre. There are many reasons that many Die Hard one of the best action movies of the entertainment era, of course.

The plot is brilliant, the characters are awesome and the bad guy – Hans Gruber – might just be the best villain of all-time. Played by the amazing Alan Rickman (RIP), he manages to make sure that the movie has an edge to it where you worry that McClane might be up against it here.

What makes Die Hard so special?

From the amazing shoeless battles to the smart thinking of McClane to try and get the cops to notice the Plaza is in trouble, there are so many amazing things that take place in the movie. Really, given most action movies are absolute nonsense in terms of the plot, Die Hard stands out because it’s actually a good plot.

Is it mind that a man in a pair of slacks and no socks can wipe out a platoon of some of the worst terrorists in the world? Just a touch. Is his accuracy absolutely outstanding for someone who isn’t a military sniper? Yes, mightily.

Does Mr. Rickman provide us with the best example of someone with a command of multiple accents? You bet.

Die Hard is a special film. You don’t need me to tell you the plot: you just need to watch an 80s masterpiece at work. There’s a reason it’s voted as the best of its kind: it stands out far above anything else from the 80s, 90s or any other action movie era.

John McClane, take a bow: you managed to create an entire industry trying to match your amazing feats on the screen. From Speed to Air Force One through to things like The Expendables, it’s so easy to see where the inspiration come from: the super-durable vents of the Nakatomi Plaza.

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