Disney Announces ‘Mulan’ Limited-Edition Doll

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Disney has announced that they will be releasing a brand new limited-edition doll which will showcase a new character from the live-action movie, Mulan.


The doll, which will be available from March 28th can be purchased on the Disney website or in stores to coincide with the release of the new movie later this month.

The Ancestors' Protector

Mulan’s new protector in the movie, a colorful phoenix, will also be accompanying the doll which is dressed in her red robe, armor, and boots.


This creature is a completely new character that was not included in the original 1998 animated version of the film. Mulan will also come complete with her father’s sword, which she uses to fight as she goes to war.

On Theaters Soon

The new Mulan doll will retail at $129.99 and is a limited-edition of just 3,400 dolls, all modeled to look like the leading actress in the live-action film, Liu Yifei.


The phoenix was first seen in a trailer for the movie released in December 2019, however, no one expected the creature to be so colorful.

During the trailer, her father tells Mulan that the phoenix is a guardian. The bird is said to protect the Chinese Emperor and when Mulan runs away her father is shown asking their ancestors to protect her. It is likely that the creature will replace Mushu the dragon in the new live-action movie.

You can see Mulan in theaters from March 27.

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