Adorable and Heartwarming Dog Moments Caught on Camera

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There's a reasonable explanation as to why dogs are considered the best friends of humanity. These animals have a remarkable inclination to not only be steadfast companions but also to bring endless laughter with their funny behavior. We've gathered an adorable selection of the sweetest moments ever captured between dogs and their humans. Very much like people, canines have a funny bone, and their sense of humor is golden.

The Post-Anesthesia Look

The most awful part of awakening after a medical procedure is the side effects of the anesthesia. The babble some people come out with as they try to sort out of the real world is priceless. 

Image courtesy: Pinterest
Clearly, this poor pup was having an unpleasant reaction to something that happened to him at the vet’s office. Whether it was the anesthetic, the castration, or both, we’ll never know for sure. After waking up from the sedation, the vet clinic snapped a photo for his owner to see. Not the prettiest of pictures out there, and he's presumably thinking, “what just happened to me?”

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