Fancy Watching Reality TV That is Quite Literally Off This Planet? Now You Can

For years, there has been reality television based in just about any kind of setting that budgets will allow for. Whether it’s people living in a massive house together ala Big Brother or heading off into the jungle like I’m A Celebrity… we have numerous examples of how these shows tend to work. However, did you ever think that TV budget might stretch big enough to send a reality TV show literally out of our atmosphere?

Well, now that has happened thanks to the development of a new TV show that is an interesting step into a new direction entirely. The show will be known as Space Hero and it looks to be quite an intriguing proposition. The project will look to send a civilian up into space, with a team of contestants taking part across the show to earn the right to try out this life-changing possibility. They will compete for getting to go to visit an international space station for a period of 10 days.

The people involved will have no astronaut training beforehand and will need to go through a demanding series of tests to earn the right to be the next ‘Space Hero’ – it really is quite an interesting concept for a reality TV show. The interesting thing is that the people involved are just regular folks, making them comfortably the least qualified people to ever wind up in space!

While it does have all of the hallmarks of an episode from The Simpsons, it is absolutely hilarious to imagine this actually taking place. You get the chance to go up into space for 10 days, though – that sounds pretty amazing, right? Definitely sounds like something worth fighting for in a reality TV show to earn the right to attempt!

Is this the oddest reality TV show ever made?

It might very well be. While some other shows absolutely reek of desperation in their attempt to be unique or even insulting, this is different. It’s outside the box, clearly backed by a high budget, and definitely must have some kind of space agency support. It’s an interesting concept, but one that is likely to end up in a bit of a farce.

It all depends on who gets picked to be part of the show, of course. If the contestants are essentially there to fool around and try to make meme moments, the show will be a bit of a mess. If there is anything like a degree of seriousness to how this all works out, though, then Space Hero could be a very interesting watch indeed.

Given that reality TV often feels tired and trope-ridden, though, the fact we are even seeing something a bit outside of the box is definitely a positive. It might be a lot of cringeworthy nonsense, but at least it’s an attempt to take reality TV away from the era of hook-ups and meme-fied dating shows galore.