Fashion Trends That Should Never Make A Comeback

Are you looking for a way to make things worse than they already are? Well, if that’s the case, then you should definitely try reviving some of the silliest fashion trends ever! From outrageous hats to garish leg warmers, here are some of the fashion trends that should stay in the past:

We’re sure you’ll be glad that you can no longer find these trends in the stores!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see which trends should never ever make a comeback.

Retro Workout Fashion: The 80s Phenomenon

Remember the 80s? A time of big hair, giant afros, and nylon tracksuits. But there was something else that made the decade so memorable - the popular aerobics-themed workout fashion trend.

Tight leotards, neon leg warmers, stirrup leggings, and sweatbands - it was a must-have for fashion-conscious women. And of course, who can forget the iconic Jane Fonda and her bestselling workout video? It may not have made much sense, but it was the height of the 80s style.

Shoulder Pads: The Comeback We Didn't Know We Needed?

The 1980s brought us broad shoulders and huge hairdos as fashion goals, so to help people achieve that wide-shouldered look - enter shoulder pads - maybe women thought of them as a way to stand out from the crowd, but we'll never know for sure.

Although the trend hasn't seen a real comeback yet, fashion designers have been teasing us with hints of its existence. But will it ever make a real resurgence? Will we be as enamored with shoulder pads as we were in the '80s? Only time will tell.

A Timeless Solution: The Garter Belt

Once upon a time, before the days of pantyhose, women looked to garter belts to keep their stockings in place. From the 1940s to the 1960s, garter belts were a staple of womens’ wardrobes and were seen as a functional undergarment, not yet encumbered with the taboo connotations of today.

However, pin-up models popular in that era, featuring women wearing bras, garter belts, and stockings, only enhanced the allure of the garment, adding an air of eroticism and mystery to it. This combination of function and fashion has made the garter belt a timeless accessory that is perhaps just as relevant today as it was back then.

A Flattering Flashback - the 1930s Womens’ Swimsuit

The 1930s marked a major shift in womens’ swimwear fashion. These one-piece swimsuits were cut to show off more leg and back skin than ever before, and were designed to reveal a woman's crotch for the first time. It was a real fashion statement for the women of that time, and for many, a liberating one. This now-outdated style was not without its critics, as women were policed over the modesty of their beachwear.

But, despite the controversy, the style was embraced by many as an attractive and flattering look. This was until the introduction of bikinis in 1946, which saw the end of this fashionable swimwear. While some may pine for its return, it looks like this style will remain a distant memory.

A Short-Lived Fad: The Uncomfortable Reality of the Hobble Skirt

The fashion of the 1910s, though iconic, was not always comfortable. This was especially true of the hobble skirt, a style that limited the women’s movement. As Jessica Brown Findlay so aptly put it, “there’s a reason hobble skirts are called hobble. You literally can't move very far in them.” Taking tiny steps was the name of the game, and the tight fit of the skirt made it seem like it could tear at any moment.

Despite its popularity, it didn’t take long for this trend to disappear. The impracticality of the design ultimately doomed it, and it’s no wonder it didn’t last. Women of the time must have breathed a sigh of relief when it was no longer in fashion.

A Blast from the Past: The 80s' Hairstyle Revival

The 1980s are remembered for many things, but the most iconic look of the decade was the voluminous hair. Women would perm their hair and use copious amounts of hairspray in order to achieve a wild, big look. Men, of course, weren’t far behind. Who could forget the perfect coifs of celebrities like Tom Cruise? Today, young people are experimenting with their hair in pursuit of fashion and style. But, thankfully, the monstrosities of the 80s have stayed in the past.

However, it is possible that the style may make a comeback. What would the world be like if it did? Until then, we can enjoy the fond memories of the decade’s over-the-top hairstyles from afar.

Psychedelic Fashion: A Trip Through Time

Psychedelic Fashion hit the streets in the late '60s and stayed with us until the '70s. With its groovy, dizzying patterns, it became a symbol of the hippie movement in San Francisco. But it wasn't just about looking good - it was about reordering the political, social, and artistic structures of the time.

The trend moved from the street to the red carpet, with Raquel Welch famously donning a psychedelic dress. But not everyone could pull it off as she did! Psychedelic Fashion was about more than just fashion - it was about the participation and involvement of the people wearing it.

Blushing Beauties: A Look Back at the '80s

The '80s were a time of high-volume hair, colorful contouring, and, for many women, blush. While today, the idea of wearing too much makeup can be considered a faux pas, in the '80s, the more blush the better. Women weren't afraid to make their cheeks look more vibrant than their natural hue, and they certainly weren't afraid to stand out!

Blush has been around for centuries, with ancient Egyptians being some of its biggest advocates. However, its popularity dropped off in the Middle Ages when rosy cheeks became associated with prostitution. Thankfully, we have learned our lesson since then and are now able to use blush more judiciously to achieve the perfect flush.

Bringing Fur Back: A Look at the 2000s' Furry Fashion Trend

The 2000s saw a global mash-up of different fashion trends, with vintage styles taking precedence. This era came to be known for its fake fur and recycled fashion, with many young women loving the furry look. But the trend of wearing fur dates back 170,000 years, and it wasn't just popular in the 2000s.

Could fur be coming back into fashion? While it's likely that some will embrace this trend, we hope it doesn't mean a return to Chewbacca-inspired looks like Paris Hilton’s famous piece. One thing is for sure, the trend of wearing fur is nothing new and is likely to make a return in the future.

Can Denim-on-Denim Make a Comeback?

Denim-on-denim has a bit of a checkered history. Whenever the phrase is uttered, many of us conjure up visions of the 2000s, when even the most stylish of celebrities couldn't quite make it work. However, the trend is starting to make a comeback! Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake famously donned the look in the early 2000s and recently, many celebrity couples have followed suit.

But the question remains, do we really need denim-on-denim now? After all, is it really the most practical and aesthetic of trends in today’s world? We can't deny that the denim-on-denim look can be stylish, but it may be a trend that has to wait a while for its moment in the spotlight.

How Petticoats Have Been Flattering Women for Centuries

Petticoats have been around since the 1300s, providing women with a flattering shape for centuries. During the 17th century, petticoats were a fashionable item before becoming underwear in the mid-eighteenth century. The 1950s saw a comeback of these garments, with women wearing them under the knee or calf-length skirts.

Although petticoats have not been so popular in recent decades, they were in stores up until the 1970s and may make a comeback soon. After all, who can deny the timeless beauty of this classic look? With such a long history of making women look and feel beautiful, petticoats may well come back in style in the future.

Goodbye to the Unwanted Poodle Cut: Say No to the 1950s Fad!

It's hard to believe that this hairstyle was once the talk of the town in the 1950s! Women would flock to the salon and pay good money in an attempt to look like pet poodles. The trend was mainly sparked by Lucille Ball's hairstyle on the show I Love Lucy, and by 1952, 3 out of every 5 women had the poodle clip.

But, interestingly, the look was not well received by men at the time. We've certainly evolved since then, and we're glad to say goodbye to this vintage style. So, ladies, if you're looking to make a statement with your hairstyle, why not try something new instead? Let's put this poodle cut to rest and move on to something more modern and stylish.

The Flapper Revolution: A Look Back at the Roaring '20s

The Flapper Revolution of the Roaring '20s is an iconic style that is still admired to this day. After World War I, the trend emerged as women grew in confidence and began to experiment with modern haircuts and loose-fitting dresses, a stark contrast to the previous Victorian era. With feathered accessories, beaded designs, and fringed-out flapper dresses, this brave new style was considered bold and daring.

While the trend had appeal, it has since gone out of style and is unlikely to make a comeback. However, the Flapper Revolution still remains a symbol of female empowerment and liberation.

Track Jackets: An '80s Trend That Should Stay (Only) on the Track

The 1980s saw the rise of the brightly coloured travesty that is the track jacket. But let's face it, we've been through enough and this is the last thing we want to revive. Understandably, the '80s was a time of incredible innovation, but the track jacket trend should probably stay in the past.

That being said, maybe we're being a bit too harsh. The best thing to do is to keep the track jacket trend to athletes only. After all, they're the ones that know how to rock it and pull off a winning look. So, let's reserve track jackets for the track.

Clear Clothes: More than Just a Fashion Faux Pas!

The 2010s saw the introduction of transparent plastic trousers, a trend that shocked fashion fans but thankfully didn't take off. However, it recently made a comeback and we're asking: is it really worth it? 

Not only are these garments uncomfortable in hot weather, but they’re also made from environmentally-damaging materials.  Kim Kardashian perfectly models this fashion faux pas. Let's put an end to clear clothes before it's too late!

The 1950s Haircut Trend that Never Goes Out of Style

The 1950s brought about a revolution in hairstyles, as short and less voluminous looks became the in-thing. Audrey Hepburn, the gorgeous actress of the era, was one of the main inspirations for this trend. Although short bangs might not be suitable for everyone, they are much better than the poodle clip.

This beautiful hairstyle has made several comebacks and it looks like it will stay for many years. So if you're looking for a timeless and chic look, why not try out the classic 1950s haircut?

Rebooted and Refined: The Comeback of Patchwork Jeans

Ready to make a fashion statement? Patchwork jeans are back in a big way! First popularized in the '70s through DIY hand-stitched patches, the trend really boomed during the '90s. 

Now, however, brands have given the trend a reboot with a professional, modern flair, utilizing different denim washes to create a collage-like look.  So why not add some patchwork pizzazz to your wardrobe and stand out in style?

The Brightest Trend of the '80s: Neon Style!

The 1980s were all about boldness, and the neon trend was no exception. Neon colors ran rampant, with bright hues like yellow, hot pink, purple, green, and orange everywhere. It was hard to miss!

People were decked out in matching neon tops and tracksuits, accessorized with neon jackets and belts. The '80s were all about excess and the neon trend was a great example of that.

Enjoy the Beach in Wooden Swimsuits!

If you're looking for the perfect swimsuit to enjoy a day at the beach, have you ever considered a wooden one? Yes, you heard that right. Wood floats on water, so someone came up with the genius idea of making swimsuits out of it! With a hard-barrel-like design, you'll have a blast wearing this one-of-a-kind creation.

Plus, you can trust that it'll keep you safe when you take a dip. The only downside? It takes a while to dry. But apart from that, it's the perfect way to make a splash!

The Iconic '90s Butterfly Clip - Making a Comeback?

The '90s butterfly clip brings back fond memories of models, pop stars, and tweens rocking the iconic look. It was cool, effortless, and made famous by beloved celebrities. While it eventually disappeared, is this trend making its way back onto the fashion scene?

The fashion world is no stranger to trends resurfacing every few years, and the '90s butterfly clip may be one of them. Will this iconic look make its way back into our hearts and onto our heads? Only time will tell!

The Unstoppable Trend of Acid-Washed Denim

From the '60s surfers to the '80s punk scene, acid-washed denim has been a trend that refuses to die. Born from surfers tiring of jeans fading in the sun, the look has been adopted by many subcultures and continues to resurface from time to time.

While some may love it, and others may loathe it, one thing is for sure - this trend is here to stay! The longevity of acid-washed denim is something that cannot be denied, making it a fashion staple that has withstood the test of time.

Leather Fashion: The Faux Revival

In the 1960s, leather jackets were in vogue for men, while women sported leather dresses. PETA wasn't around yet, but shortly thereafter, manufacturers had already started producing faux leather clothing. Now, while pure leather is still a luxury item, public sentiment toward it has resulted in its decline, and we can only hope that this trend continues.

Faux leather has become the fashionable choice of the times, offering the same look and feel as the real thing, but without the ethical concerns that come with it. So, if you're looking to make a style statement, why not try the revival of faux leather fashion?

Stop the High Platform Shoes: An Urgent Petition to Prevent Ankle-Breaking Fashions

It's time to take a stand against those high-platform shoes that are a recipe for disaster. Not only do they look bad, but they can easily lead to broken ankles and limbs. In the 1990s, unfortunately, many women opted for such risky fashion choices, wearing them with mini dresses, sporty pants, and crop tops.

We must not let this trend take off again – it's time to put a stop to it before we see an epidemic of broken bones! Let's put an end to this disaster in the making by signing a petition to ensure that high-platform shoes are gone for good.

Bandannas '90s Trend Making a Comeback!

'90s-style bandannas are making a huge comeback! What was once a signature accessory of the Hippie era, has been revitalized by teens on TikTok. But while Jennifer Lopez's iconic low-rise jeans, bedazzled belt, and bandanna were a hit, not everyone can pull them off.

While sporting bandanas disappeared in the early 2000s, their stylish resurgence proves that fashion trends never truly die. So, if you’re looking for a unique way to spice up your look, make sure you check out the latest bandanna trend!

The Comeback of High Waisted Jeans: A Thousand Times Better than Low-Rise!

We all know the feeling of being presented with a choice between high-waisted jeans and low-rise jeans – the decision is made in the blink of an eye! After taking a look at the Pepsi ad, which looks more like an ad for high-waisted denim, it's clear to see why this trend has made a major comeback since its inception in the late '80s.

Sure, it's not always the most flattering look, but when it comes to denim, high-waisted jeans are a thousand times better than their low-rise counterparts. So, if you're ready to make a statement, why not join the high-waisted revolution?

Can Cargo Pants Make A Comeback?

We’ve seen low-rise jeans and slouchy denim make a return to the fashion world, and now cargo pants are trying to do the same. Even though many fashion critics believe cargo pants to be the single worst item of clothing, models and actors have been seen wearing them – could they be on the brink of a trend revival?

Kate Beckinsale has even been spotted out in them, so if she can make them look cool, who’s to say the rest of us can’t?

The 1990s Were All About Minimalism: Slip Dresses Taking the Runway

The neon-tainted '80s were a fashion travesty, but the 1990s saw a move towards minimalism, with slip dresses ruling the runways and the MTV generation following suit. Kate Moss and other celebrities donned silky slip dresses, and it wasn't long before the trend had taken off.

Now, slip dresses are set to stage a comeback - and we have a feeling both women and men will get on board. So, even if some people disapprove, it looks like slip dresses are here to stay.

A Timeless Freshness: Mary Quant's Miniskirt Revolution

Mary Quant revolutionized fashion in the 1960s with her iconic miniskirt. Inspired by street fashion, the daringly short style was considered controversial at the time, but it captured the imagination of women - and men. It changed the course of fashion history and led to a whole new era of fashion.

Although its popularity faded in the early 70s, the miniskirt still retains its timeless freshness. It's an iconic look that will never go out of style.

Say Goodbye to Low-Rise Jeans: The Worst Fashion Choice of the 2000s!

The 2000s was an interesting time for fashion. Fortunately, one trend that didn't stand the test of time as low-rise jeans. Not only were they uncomfortable to wear while sitting or traveling, but they also caused a lot of stress to the waistline. Plus, there was the issue of compromised style, class, and comfort.

All in all, this fashion choice was a big fail and should be avoided at all costs! From poor digestion to an unflattering fit, there are so many reasons why low-rise jeans are not worth the hassle. So, instead of reviving this outdated trend, why not try something new and exciting that makes you look, and feel, great?

A Century-Long History of American Sportswear: Get to Know the Athleisure Trend!

Athleisure is more than just wearing gym clothes with no intention of working out. In fact, it’s a century-long history of American sportswear that has evolved into what we know today. The term athleisure was first used in 1979 to describe shoes and garments designed for people who wanted to appear athletic.

This industry is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, so whether you jump on the bandwagon or choose to abstain from the trend, it looks like athleisure is here to stay.

Plaid is Here to Stay - From Punk to Preppy & Beyond!

From punk to preppy and beyond, plaid has been around for decades - and it's not going anywhere! Since the '90s, fashion enthusiasts have been mad about plaid. Whether they love it or hate it, almost everyone has to admit that it's a versatile fabric. Over the years, it has become a style staple of cooler seasons.

One of the main contributors to plaid's continuing popularity is undoubtedly the iconic movie Clueless, with Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash looking simply adorable in their matching plaid sets. No matter what your style is, it looks like plaid is here to stay!

Show Off Your Sexy Curves with Bandage Dresses!

Since the 1990s, the iconic bandage dress has been a staple in the fashion world. Popularized by luxury French fashion house Hervé Leger, the trend saw a brief decline in the late 90s but has since made a huge comeback with celebrities like Meghan Fox, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, and even Meghan Markle donning the figure-flattering look.

Kim Kardashian has also been a big fan of the bandage dress, and with its ability to accentuate curves and flatter any body shape, it's no wonder why! So, if you're looking to show off your sexy curves, the bandage dress is the perfect choice.

The Return of the Waist: Bias-Cut Dresses of the 1930s

The 1930s brought with it a wave of change in the fashion world. After the Great Depression, women's wardrobes saw a shift towards more structured designs, with long skirts featuring zig-zag seams replacing loose flapper dresses. Bias-cut dresses proved to be a popular choice, as they were designed to accentuate the curves of the wearer.

Modest yet stylish, these dresses brought back the element of waist into the fashion landscape, much to the delight of women everywhere. This fashion revolution allowed women to express themselves through their wardrobes in a whole new way.

Babydoll Dress: A Timeless Fashion Icon

The babydoll dress is a timeless fashion icon that has been gracing the catwalks for decades. From the 1960s, when it first became popular, to the present day, it has always found a way to remain part of the fashion scene. There is something about the babydoll dress that keeps drawing us back to it. Could it be because it has a rich history in gender politics?

Whatever the reason, the babydoll dress has come a long way, from its beginnings as lingerie to becoming high-end couture. It was in the 1960s when Twiggy - the British teenage model and cultural icon - embraced the look, that the babydoll dress truly came alive.

Glove It Up: Bringing Back the 1950s Glamour with a Modern Twist

The late 1950s saw women rocking the fashion scene in their long, white gloves. Taking the trend to the next level, some even wore gloves that matched their outfits. Although the trend has since faded, celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé are now attempting to bring it back - making it cooler than ever before!

Even the queen of glamour, Marilyn Monroe, wore them, and she was the epitome of style and sophistication. With today's queens giving it their seal of approval, the modern woman may now be ready to glove it up!

Geometric Shapes are Making a Fashion Comeback!

It's no surprise that the world of fashion has been captivated by geometry and its shapes for years. Triangles, squares, and circles have been used to create stylish and fashionable looks since the 1980s and '90s. From jewelry to shoes and bags, geometric shapes have been all the rage.

As trends continue to make their way back into the fashion scene, this classic look is sure to make its own comeback. Whether you're feeling nostalgic for your high school days, or your math homework, geometric shapes are the perfect way to add a little character to your wardrobe.

The Peasant Look: A Trend That Refuses to Fade Away

Since the late 1960s, peasant fashion has been an unconventional style embraced by young women who wanted to reject traditional fashion. Associated with American hippie culture, the peasant look has an interesting history that has enabled it to stay relevant all these years.

Its versatility has allowed it to remain fashionable, as its bohemian, yet modest style gives the wearer a rustic, yet cool, look. Despite some people believing the trend should stay in the past, the peasant look continues to thrive - a trend that refuses to fade away.

Stylish or Tacky? Will Animal Print Ever Go Out of Style?

Animal prints have been a staple of fashion for decades, but will they ever go out of style? Once a symbol of wealth and exclusivity, animal prints gained popularity during the Bohemian movement of the '60s. While real fur is no longer accepted as a fashion choice, our love-hate relationship with animal prints persists.

We appreciate the look, but sometimes it can be a bit too wild, especially this crazy cheetah-like print. It's a tricky style to pull off, but animal prints may be here to stay.

Step Into the Dizzying World of Patterned Tights

From the 1960s, when ‘the crazier the better’ was the only rule, to the present day, patterned tights have been an out-there fashion trend. From psychedelic diamond patterns to pixelated rainbow squares, these eye-catching designs will certainly make you stand out.

If you're feeling brave and want to dress in a wild and wacky way, these tights could be the perfect choice. We’re thankful that this trend has stayed in the past - but you never know, maybe it will make a comeback soon!