Final Doom 2 Secret Discovered After 24 Years

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After 24 years of blasting demons, one fan has unlocked the final secret of the 1994 video game, Doom II.

Doom II: Hell on Earth, originally released on MS-DOS on 30 September 1994,  followed up to its namesake predecessor Doom to become one of the most successful games of the decade. The highly rated sequel helped establish the long-lasting legacy of the popular video game series. The second installment takes the protagonist, the aptly named "Doomguy", from Mars to the apocalyptic regions of Earth. Doom II was bigger and bloodier than the original and remains one of the progenitors of the first person shooter genre.

For the first time in game's history, gamers can celebrate 100% completion of the game without any mods or cheats all thanks to YouTuber Zero Master. John Romero, co-creator of the Doom series, confirmed through a Tweet that the door to the game's final secret had indeed finally been unlocked. He offered his congratulations and then explained how it can be achieved.

Since the game's debut all those years ago, fans the last of the 10 secret areas found in the game's Industrial Zone was a hot topic among fans. Although fans were able to uncover the secret, activating it proved challenging without using cheat codes. According to both Zero Master and Romero, in order to activate the final secret, Doomguy needs to be pushed into the teleporter by an enemy. As the video demonstrates, Zero Master managed to activate the secret following a cat and mouse chase as they used a Pain Elemental enemy to nudge themselves to the teleporter.

Many Doom experts had long considered the secret to be a glitch in the game's code as nobody was able to unlock it for so long. Romero, however, clearly pointed out that he had always known how to unlock the final piece of this head-scratching puzzle in the game's 15th level and simply waited until someone figured it out.

In an age where gamers are used to exploring every nook and cranny of a video game in order to collect every last trophy and easter egg, waiting over two decades to find a game's last secret is truly a noteworthy feat. Whether by chance or by process of elimination, Zero Master can proudly claim the title of being the person to ever complete Doom II as it was intended.

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