Fine of Over One Million Dollars for Kim Kardashian

We know Kim Kardashian as a very active Instagram user, but now the reality star has been taken to task for a specific advertisement and must pay a hefty fine. Here's what we know.

Instagram is full of influencers and stars trying to sell you all sorts of things. Kim Kardashian is also guilty of this, but recently she touted something under stricter rules than sports leggings.

The reality star advertised EMAX Tokens, a cryptocurrency, without mentioning that she was being paid $250,000 for it. This was not acceptable to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

And she knew it. Indeed, the mother of four was fined $1.26 million dollars. In addition, Kim agreed not to advertise cryptocurrency for the next three years. Her lawyer tells E! News that Kim is happy to have the problem remedied now.

This could cost her her career as a lawyer

But the tap on Kim's fingers could cost her more than a few bucks. According to Northwestern University professor Andrew Stoltmann, it could affect the aspiring lawyer's career. 'There is a character-and-ability assessment that anyone who wants to become a lawyer has to go through, and they look for things like arrests and indictments. And this is a pretty important issue for her. So, is it a potential obstacle to becoming a lawyer? Yes.'

Still, he does not believe it will keep her from achieving her goal. But in taking the bar exam, Kim will have to reveal this. 'It won't be a comfortable conversation,' he makes clear. If she decides to keep it to herself then, there's a chance she won't be licensed to practice law.