For The First Time Ever, Alfred Hitchcock’s Uncut Version Of Psycho Is Coming To US Home Video

Hitchcock has remained one of the greatest directors of all time. Universal has released many sets of his films over the years.

  • The Basic Alfred Hitchcock Collection
  • The Alfred Hitchcock Essentials
  • The Alfred Hitchcock Masterpeace Collection

And so many more!

It has now been announced that the Hitchcock box set called The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection will be released shortly. This is a four film set that you can read about on Universal's website.

Unlike the other sets, this one has added goodies. Along with the 4 films Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, and The Birds, you will get hours of bonus features along with these uncut versions for the first time!

The site does not offer any additional details but if you visit the Classics Collection on Amazon, on the back cover there is further information which offers details about the uncut Psycho. This is an extended version of the film as only seen in theaters in 1960 which is exactly as Hitchcock intended and now available with added footage. Over the years, there have been many rumors that people have seen differences in the film since it aired on foreign television.

Even though the changes are small, it’s a golden opportunity to see the film the way Hitchcock expected from the film over 60 years ago when first released. If there are any new updates, we will post them. The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection will be available on September 8.