People Who Definitely Deserve a Refund, ASAP

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Customer satisfaction is a core part of any successful brand. But with all the crazy products out there these days, it's hard to imagine some of the business plans. Sometimes, buyers simply deserve a refund: In full, with apology, now!

Beary Scary

Ever since ole' Theo Roosevelt spared a cub on his famous hunt, the Teddy bear has been beloved. The plush toy has delighted kiddos all around the world, and it's not surprising that this was ordered. With a cozy sweater, too!

Reddit / vilapon

But wait, what is this? Underneath, there's no body at all — and the arms are fake, too! This cuddly horror show is all legs, which can't be what any shopper anticipated. Time to find the receipt, and quick: It's scaring the children!

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