Grandmother and Grandson Appear to Have the Most Enviable Relationship of All Times

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For many people, having a relationship with their parents can be tough. The generational gap mixed in with the desire to always be respected by your parents makes it hard to truly be yourself. 


However, while that might seem a touch off-putting in some cases, we can often enjoy a great relationship with our parents. Grandparents, though, can be different.

Some people have their grandparents extremely high up on their list of favorite people. Others see them at family events and major seasonal events and nothing else. However, when you see how Ross Smith gets on with his granny, you might wonder why you never made more of an effort!

From a Bomb Maker to an Internet Sensations

Ross and his grandmother have become quite the online sensation, with millions of followers across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. His grandmother Pauline, 93, has seen a whole lot of stuff in her life.


However, despite having helped make bombs during the Second World War, she might have made her biggest achievement yet in life – making people happy.

The grandson and grandmother combo managed to get a lot of hits online when they posted a video of Pauline blocking a basketball shot. With so many viral views, they realized that the chemistry in their relationship was simply made for going on the internet with. 

Ever since they’ve become internet sensations with their awesome viral content.

More Than Just Numbers

From photoshoots in various outfits from famous movies to seasonal imagery that is sure to make you laugh, they’ve really built up an audience. 


Whether you see them running around as the characters from Up or you see them running around in full Irish attire for St. Paddy’s Day, this is a family in their element.

Despite the massive social media attention, though, their main thing appears to be enjoying so much time together. They take on all manner of mad sketches and little documentary events, creating some crazy images and videos that have really hit the big time online.

Spreading the Joy

They also go along to events, such as ComicCon. They don’t just use this for laughs, though; they use this to help give people that warm, satisfying feeling in the stomach. Many of the reviews are just so positive, with people lapping up their amazing relationship together.


Pauline lines to give out little bits of wisdom, too, having been around for more than 90 years. She knows her stuff, and clearly still has a zest for life that is hard to feign. Such is their success, they’ve met up with various people over the years, including the awesome Chuck Norris!

Making The Best of  Each Moment Together

With every moment that they spend together clearly something that both enjoy, they are a proper inspiration to anyone looking to bridge that generational gap.


So long as you are willing to have a little give and take, you shouldn’t ever let age stop you from having a loving relationship with your grandparents. Just don’t expect them to get every little reference you make to pop culture!  

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