Harry Potter Hogwarts Gets Its Lego Pieces

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We are currently arguing if the adults can buy them all because little children have barely started to understand the Harry Potter story. From the beginning many years ago and now 18 years, the anniversary was marked with the unveiling of a special Lego set for Harry Potter the most talked about the wizard.

Yes, the children will have a lot of fun because it is Lego, but we can spend hours constructing our fortresses staging battles and creating scenes that we always wished could happen in the Harry Potter series. The Lego set contains 6,020 pieces that represent the entire Hogwarts crew.

Looking at the size of the pieces, there will be an indication of the age limit for this spectacular set. However, at the price of £349.99, it is quite an expensive set to buy for children who may lose the pieces in a few weeks. Every piece needs to be complete. I can see a whole section in living rooms dedicated to the constructions with this set and the pictures that will flood the social media after amazing creations are achieved. The set also features pieces to build the Hogwarts castle and all the accessories to make it look so real.

A lot can be done with a Lego set of 6,020 pieces, and this is Harry Potter. It is time to get out the ideas and have fun while the children are catching up with the movie on TV.

I guess that there will be a Dumbledore, those horrible dementors, Hagrid and his monsters and other pieces to represent the dark arts, a chessboard chamber and figurines of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the others.

Recreating the scenes with Lego is going to be fun. It is time to create the magical scenes again. The Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts is already making the headline news. This is not surprising considering the number of fans we know are out there. Everyone is excited, and it will be a money maker for the company.

Indeed it was a great idea for Lego to consider this concept. Who would have thought? They kept it as a closely guarded secret and only released the information after the product had almost been completely produced. In a few months, we will be in a celebratory mood because of the holidays, you know what that means, and this is the best time to make a wish or send out texts hinting what you would like for an early gift.

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