Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That Slip Under the Principal's Radar

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School yearbooks are a perfect opportunity to leave a mark on classmates, forever. After all that time in lectures, some people have surprising remarks! What's the final word, when it's meant to say goodbye? It's time to make today so much funnier with these sidesplitting, hilarious yearbook quotes!

Fatherly Advice, For Life

Vincent may look like a cool guy with piercings and a rebel attitude. But memorialized in his yearbook, it seems like dad had some high "expect-Asians" along the way! How do classmates know, for sure?

Why, the yearbook quote tells all! A close look at this slot on the page reveals a lot about the Arciaga home. It reads: "You're an Asian, not a B-sian." What a motto, right? That stereotype of high academic expectations isn't going away!

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