How Smartphones Are Ruining Our Posture

Experts are saying that back problems among 20-year-olds are becoming more common and are very similar to the complaints of those twice their age. According to chiropractors, the likely culprit behind this phenomenon might be their smartphones. Experts have cleverly begun referring to it as ‘tech neck.'

Photo: Creative Christians/Unsplash

The repetitive and maintained posture that goes along with using a smartphone or tablet can be detrimental to one’s health for a variety of different reasons. Hours of spending time on the cell phone can cause the neck to lose its natural curve, which can throw off the entire balance of the upper body. As this condition progresses, upper back muscles will stretch out as the neck slowly readjusts itself into a more forward position.

This can cause the head to feel up to ten pounds heavier than its actual weight which can then lead to additional back problems. On top of that, ‘tech neck’ can lead to breathing problems like asthma, which can also influence a person’s anxiety levels.

The back pain caused by these postural problems leads those who suffer from ‘tech neck’ to live sedentary lifestyles in an attempt to avoid the pain involved with bending, lifting, and twisting. When the back and neck aren’t regularly exercised, the muscles will begin to waste away, causing the muscle fibers, ligaments, and tendons to shorten. This is what brings about the sensation of stiffness that so many of us experience on a day-to-day basis.

Photo: Jimmy Chang/Unsplash

One finding that chiropractors have found particularly troubling is that millennials, the generation where these health issues are most prevalent, are in utter denial that their smartphones are causing the problem. During an interview with the New York Post, Chiropractor Dr. Vito Minervini offered a warning to young people, saying, “It’s not a natural position and you’ll destroy your spine, eventually.”