Imagination Has Created Ghost Architecture from Abandoned Building

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There are some amazing images taken by photographers and artists of buildings that were partially demolished or will be demolished shortly. 


Artists are taking full advantage of these abandoned places and turning them into something really mysterious. 

Talk about Ghost Architecture!!

In reality, these buildings have become art projects for artists and photographers to express their amazing creativity.


Similar to architectural drawings, fragments of spaces can entice imagination from two-dimensional views such as the changing of material, the continual weathering, the changes in surface shapes, and even alterations in colors. 

On top of that, once in a while, there are three-dimensional fixtures that are visible like showers, sinks, and toilets to work with! 

A Flickr photography group called The Unconscious Art of Demolition focuses on many accidental architectural works that are turned into ghost architecture. 

These images are left behind structural spaces or voids and other images that the creators have brought back to life.

Stranger Things...

During the process of photographing and looking at the images, the group focused on these really mysterious and strange spaces. 


They have used their tools and artistic skills to transform abandoned buildings into incredible art for onlookers and de facto archaeologists to enjoy by the creation of subconscious awareness and projecting patterns into what is actually nothing more than abandoned decay.

Some photographers lean toward abstract photography by zooming in on the rich materials left behind such as parts of walls while other walls are completely gone. 

Other photographers take a broader approach by highlighting the outlines of buildings and implied interiors then form their stories through art. 

Some photographers have captured street artworks placed inside flat landscapes allowing viewers to imagine the interiors of these buildings that actually no longer exist.